Tuesday morning tread


Drew the curtains this morning to see a bit cloud of smoke over the centre of town. Big fire apparently. Hope everyone’s alright

@stupidsexyflanders might even get a day off work - or else will have a absolute traffic nightmare getting in

Wife’s birthday :birthday: today

What’s up dissers?

I was, at half three until five.

I’m shattered.

Morning! Hope the fire isn’t too bad :confused:

Got a meeting tonight about organising a Penge CC sportive / audax. There’s a bit of division in the club about what format it should take. :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I’m in today, most of the centre is open for business as usual. I’m the other side of Östermalmstorg so it’s alright. Ash everywhere though, which is strange.



Jesus, hope everyone was ok ssf though I’m fearing the worst looking at that photo.

It was a building site apparently, so it doesn’t seem like anyone was injured. A couple of people being treated for smoke inhalation. I think the worry is that there are gas tanks in the basement and it’s right in the centre of town so a pretty packed area.


That’s terrifying, genuinely lucky escape there.

Indeed. They’re pretty worried that, explosion or not, the building might collapse.
60 or 70 firefighters there atm & they’re by far at the most risk

Morning earlybirds. Been on a bus since 7:30, takes me 90mins to get into central these days :disappointed: got a half day at work and then might meet an old friend for a coffee and go to whitechapel gallery later. Not a bad day tbh.

Morning guys. Shabazz Palaces were great last night, nobody does sci-fi electro-hip-hop quite like them, big fan of the on stage dance routines they’ve introduced :grinning: Could listen to Ishmael Butler rap the phone book.

Must’ve really pissed off enough people in the office with my cough yesterday cos I woke up to a message from my boss telling me to work from home :laughing:

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Morning all. Today’s plan:

  • WFH this morning: the eldest was sick yesterday morning and that means she has to take today off sick even though she’s clearly very well. (She’s not complaining!);
  • when Mrs CCB gets home, drive down for an appointment just outside Cambridge for 2pm;
  • go to IKEA afterwards and pick up mooooore furniture;
  • probably sand down a sash window this evening.


Never heard it…


Morning assorted DiSers

Early start today, so an early finish. Just going to try to avoid the continuing fallout from yesterday. I’m sure I’ll be dragged into it though. Meh.

had a fairly shitty sleep but got nowt on until 12 so taking it easy - fully reclined on the sofa, catching up on Gilles Peterson’s show from the weekend, drinking all the coffee and flicking through Brave New World.

Just had a frube and a cig


Morning all. Still in bed contemplating another day of things I don’t want to do, people I don’t want to speak to and places I don’t want to go. Next few days are going to be stressful so I guess I should be embracing today for what it’s not rather than what it is. Yay, etc.

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:smiley: brilliant

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Morning all. Only just made the train to Edinburgh. Someone has a delicious smelling coffee.

Hardly did any work yesterday so will probably need to more work when I get home.

Starting to get a bit of anxiety about my next work exam.