Tuesday morning: whinging

WTAF is this rain on the day I have to go into the office?

Thats all.

Too annoyed and damp for anything else.

Im annoyed by the rain too. Wanted take mini s_w for a morning walk down to Greggs to get a coffee and croissant. Too wet at the moment. Boo! :-1:

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Up until 2 because there was a police helicopter circling Islington for an hour. ofc the baby slept through that and woke up at 6. He’s asleep again, I’m wide awake.

Seeing family today then packing to go to Lyme Regis tomorrow. It’s nice being on holiday innit.


Feel kinda ok about going back to work todag, was kinda of the most up to date id been with work for a while before my holiday.

Only 4 day week and 3 day week next weekend as away to Fort William for long weekend.

you’re always away places

Then i have 1 full week, then 3 day week for weekend in Ireland then anoher week off in Dunbar. No point doing amy work in August really

Then my life returns to normal (Boring).

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Arranged my day around an in person meeting this afternoon that still hasn’t been confirmed. Irksome.

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Another day of no particular plans.

Read a book, go for a walk, return some clothes, that kind of thing.

Need something involving courgettes for dinner if anyone has good suggestions??

It’s my 3rd wedding anniversary today, so celebrating by working a 9hr shift.


Vegan “crab” cakes! I’ll fetch the recipe.


Absolutely zero on the agenda today. Might go to the tip, if the bairns cooperate.


Set to be 32 in Paris today and 37 tomorrow.

Going on a boat trip.

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Just about OK.


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Missed the bus, 17 minutes to the next - great rush hour scheduling :call_me_hand:

Finally found a nice brown stripey top so wearing that and i feel my best (tired looking) 70s sesame street self.


Bonus brown nana blouse i tried on last night. The summer of brown :brown_heart:



Off to B&Q. Been to the tip twice already this week. Heavenly

Do ypi like egg? The green kitchen egg and courgette lasagne is lovely (all m’s italian family put egg in their lasagne but this isnt really lasagne at all tbh), tastes much nicer than it sounds

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Your expression in the first photo has a definite “I’ve just tied that guy’s shoe laces together and he hasn’t noticed yet” energy