Tuesday morning

What percentage would you say you are at the moment?

I’m at about 55%, but I fully expect this to rise 15% or so once I’ve had a shower. Hbu?


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Hiya! I’m still in my hotel bed and about to get up for breakfast so not a bad percentage, however if I’d slept for a couple more hours it would defo be higher. I am absolutely over 50% though, maybe like 68%, and I expect this number to get a lot higher during the day not to mention the week.

Thanks for asking!


Weak and tired, 31%. Gonna force myself to go for a jog in the cold which should help or kill me. On the upside, saw Stewie Lee last night and it was v good. Also I’m listening to funk radio and I reckon each new jam is tickling that percentage up. May all DiSers have a fruitful Tuesday

I fancy some jam on toast. :strawberry: :bread:

about 20%, gonna start my day with werner herzog’s documentary about the internet though so this could change drastically.

Today’s cross section is of a solar-type star. For a reference you may understand, look outside at that bright blob hiding behind the clouds:


feeling pretty good this morn actually, so maybe 80%


Rang in sick to work but not sure if I’m actually ill or just feeling heavy CBA.


About 51% but once I’m dressed I reckon 60%. Almost definitely going to get what sounds like a horrible cold from the TV though

Get well soon K!

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Had over 9 hours sleep last night so I feel GOOD!
After a couple of hours of ‘work’ I’m sure I’ll be back down to the usual 40% though.

something doesn’t add up here!

Tell you what, tell you what it’s 9 and a half percent.

Buzzing for my beloved Urinary Tract Infections against Ipswich Town on BBC1 tonight, our game’s are never televised. On account of this I’ll be ending all my posts today with ‘UTI’ to spread the message of grassroots football and good sexual health.


Fucking kill me now

Stroked her hair?

watched it last week, normally a big fan of his stuff but thought it was really poor