Tuesday morning

I’d say I was somewhere in the late 60%s… not too bad all in all!

I had to visit someone’s house on the way to work this morning, to get some paperwork signed. Their dog jumped up and greeted me when I walked through the door… and then when I bent down to undo my shoelaces, it licked me right in the eyeball :mask: Can you catch pinkeye from dogs?

don’t worry mate, it’s only washing powder



I’m so absurdly busy at work. Definitely shouldn’t be on here at all today. Definitely.

See you all in fifteen minutes.



feeling pretty good tbqh

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yeah i thought this, was dull as fuck. i fell asleep during it.

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there were quite a few sections where if he’d gone into a bit more depth it could’ve been really interesting, like with the kids who were addicted to the internet and yr man from tesla, but instead we got a few minutes of each and then on to the next thing

alright fitz, how’s it goin?

Important work mug cupboard update:

There’s now a mug that says “I deserve a GOLD MEDAL because I’m GOOD at EVERYTHING”

I don’t… ok pal.

Alright, work time.

Maybe about 50% but I can feel it going down. Didn’t get much sleep last night, had to keep getting up and then around 4/5am a car alarm kept going off in the street. So annoying. Plus standard Tuesday cba-ness.

gonna go out for a walk in lee valley. anything good in waltham cross?

good my man, no had a beer all year, aiming to last as long as i can, how you doing?

we’re playing celtic connections at the end of the month too if yr aboot?

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around 25%

quite tired + pretty bored

trente percent


The velopark!


I’m at about fifty percent. Have to go to a meeting about a work placement scheme and I’m going to kick off in there I think. Got put on the scheme the day I applied for two jobs I wanted and apparently it renders me ineligible for those jobs. Fuckers.

Postgrad fair later though along with an online exam for a job I’d like so I’m oddly looking forward to those as they’re not this piece of shit meeting I’m going to.

maybe i wont go there

70% ?

i went for my second session of yoga yesterday - i am so so so bad at it, like humiliatingly bad. I’m not sure i have ever been quite so bad at anything.

got another three weeks to do in the block, and then i’ll look to find a class which might be closer to my skill levels. do want to get a bit better as i’m so incredibly inflexible and doing a bit of the ol’ yoga has kind of shown me i’m even more inflexible than i thought i was.

I’m operating at about 40%. I’m feeling mega exhausted. I haven’t exercised since last Wednesday and I can feel a migraine coming on because of it.

I wanted to read my book on the train but some posh men were being so mega loud that I couldn’t so I just listened to the Scroobius Pip podcast with Sara Pascoe :heart:

ich nichten…lichten.