Tuesday morning

HI. Nice sunny day in Stockholm here today. Happy 4th July to all the :us:!

Having some stupid work problems, but they are minor and it’s basically just me being a big baby. But I do have a cup of coffee so not all bad.

HBU? What fun do you all have lined up today?

Morning ssf!

Another day of diabetes training for me. The main exciting thing I learned yesterday was that I can eat as many low GI foods as I like without worrying about the carbs.

Check this time tomorrow for more updates!

Bah, I’m too slow! I was in the process of making the Tuesday thread. I present to you… The Taco Tuesday Tortoise!!

But err, yeah… the 4th of July is probably a better shout :smiley:

Anyway, I’m good thanks ssf! :wave: Thanks for asking XX



Not feeling well so I’m going to skip the breakfast seminar (two worst words in the English language) and work from home anyway.

Crazy how nature do dat


Not posted in a while. All that stressful financial stuff got sorted and I’m currently updating you from my new house. Pretty surreal.

Owned a few houses before, it is achievable - even on a shit wage - in Scotland, but this is the first one with all the trappings of surrendering to suburban life. Garden with grass, shed, driveway - all that jazz.

Been in for just over a week and I’ve mostly been painting - man, it’s so liberating to do colours other than magnolia - and unpacking. I’ve been in fucking homebase hunners and have spent a lot of time thinking about ways to spunk money on furniture and a silly big telly. Life is different now.

Had a man in yesterday to quote us to update the ridiculously peach bathroom and to get some proper wardrobe space sorted. It will no doubt make my balls shrivel up when he gets back to us with a price. Also he tried to flog us a rimless flush toilet and despite him explaining it several times and showing us a diagram, I have no idea what he was on about.

Also I have a nursery to paint soon…

Uhm, adultivity has caught up with me.


morning, off to see radiohead in a bit.


Not in the mood.

Definitely have a summer head cold, train is roasting me alive and someone on this service smells strongly of stale urinate. Just want my head to explode and release the pressure.

Losing patience at work as well with people’s inability to follow instructions or, at the very least, ask questions when they don’t understand something.

Tonight meeting my elder brother at the local Brexitspoons to work for a bite to eat and to discuss the content of the matchdays programme for the football club.

Slept for about 10 hours last night but am somehow still tired. I’m at peak work dread at the minas well, this week needs to hurry up and be over. No coffee again today. Fffffuuuuu.

Happy Taco Tuesday Tortoise Day everyone!


HTTTD zexo!!

I don’t like anything

do you go outside?

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Not enough banjo in that record for smee to get this reference.

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Morning assorted DiSers. I’m fucking this noise, so to speak, and have phoned in sick. Gonna listen to records and sleep.

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aye alright Rockefellar


pure pishing doon in glasgow but i’m not fussed cos i’m feeling back to normal after the weekend and i’m pretty happy about that.
that being said have a cold coming which i could do without especially since i’m away to spain this weekend.


Aye but mind it’ll not be in a swanky town. We are talking working class heartland here. Location, location, location. :joy::joy::joy:


I have Independence Day themed shoes and socks on today