Tuesday morning


good morning. what are you up to today?

got any errands to run? need to polish your shoes? feed the cat next door?

other stuff


Sup. Early train to Edinburgh for big gathering of crusted hippy types and people like me desperately trying to get them to take the government’s money.

Weather had been clear and crisp last couple of days. Winter is coming


All-day meeting in Amsterdam about dashboards. Eurgh. Not polished my shoes. Forgot to being shaving foam. Not sure if I look rougish or scruffy as a result.


no errands, chief. left the house this morning without really looking where the office i’m at today was and i’ve gone a terrible route. big mistake, feel bad.




Aaaah suffer


Train wanker


Hairdryer exploded this morning. That was fun.

Nothing to report really. Saw I, Daniel Blake last night and it was super harrowing. Cried a lot.


No errands today as I delegated most to my bf. He’s getting the holiday money.

I can’t tell what coat to wear these days. I wore my small pink jacket yesterday and was too cold. Today I’ve worn my coat that’s not super warm and I’m boiling!


Need to activate my new bank card


Thanks for the like Smee. The notification reminded me that I still need to do this! Getting onto it with HSBSmee right now…


Got a tour of various libraries then meeting my supervisor. Dizzy with nerves still.


I’ve cancelled an errand and gained another. Need to get my phone looked at after getting it a bit wet over the weekend but can’t be arsed to sacrifice my lunch break so cancelled the appointment.

My errand gained - need to book Bjork Digital tickets at some point today.


You got this. CRUSH IT.


Morning, chumps. I won my nerdy card game tournament so am literally - literally - walking on sunshine today.

Chore: switch ISP. Zzz.

Gf is of on a course for three days. I’ve been quietly looking forward to it, but I’m losing a night of blissful solitude tonight by going to the pub. Half considered rescheduling it.


Never doubted you for a min Eps, well played ya fucking demon!


GL, DB <3


Was up at 6 to walk the dog, lovely up at the park this morn.
Had some nice breakfast and now in work, making my way through a fair bit.
Man, I’m so much more productive when I don’t drink the night before, weird.


Just spilt coffee all down myself.


It’s a nice sunny day!

At work, got a pretty chesty cough but I’ll survive. Might go for a beer later.