Tuesday morningg

Can’t stop yawning

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Was worried someone would usurp my efforts of thread making so didn’t ask how you all are.

Hope ur all okay hunz x


Maybe everyone is still asleep

Friday :tada::tada::tada:

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Early VU lyrics needed work



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No idea what that was about

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Quite tempted to buy it and just have a picture of me skipping out of work.

Car is getting scrapped today, so begins an era of no-car.

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That rhymes

So fucking tired, cannot keep my eyes open on the bus. Fell asleep halfway through this post. Horrible.

Made it to Mumbai. Had a couple of Valium and the sleeper bus was like a lovely magic carpet ride.


Thursday were good

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2 year old still ill…so waiting for a call from Dr. Up since 4:30. Going to a meeting but my outlook is down and I don’t know which building. Fuck off everything!

I double duvet’d last night and it was a toasty delight


I got rid of my cold but now my cold is back with a vengeance :hot_face: so I’m taking a full sick day today

I also have the biggest zit I’ve ever had in my life. It has its own heartbeat!!

I recommend triple duvet, with the third duvet underneath

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just paid 60p for an apple. shafted.


This week is going to blow innit

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Humming Velvet Underground now.

Just been reading through the brochure for uni and spotted one of the models in it is my ex :slight_smile:

CBA with being in the office, get far more done from home. Might try and work somewhere else until my meeting later but not sure where will inspire me and also not cost me money I don’t have in coffees.

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