Tuesday motha motha morning thread

Yo you can all wish me luck for my presentation at 9am (written while walking home at 2,14)

How’s everyone else
Any other questionable decisions?

  1. Why is this on the Music board?
  2. Do you really think this is an acceptable time to start the daily thread?
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The answer to both Is that I’ve had just a wee bit to drink

I apologise profusely

  1. I have fixed now.
  2. Of course it’s an acceptable time!
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What?! How did you manage to acquire fixing powers?

Got awarded it at a big ceremony with sean & theo.

Fully catered and everything.


Morning guys. Nothing much going on today really. Heading back to my hometown after I finish work for some dinner out a d pub quiz action with friends. Just a bit :sleeping:

No wonder if you’re up at this hour!

This is a bit of a lay in. I’ve decided to go in an hour later

What time do you start work? How long’s your commute?

Not used to replies at this time of the afternoon!

Could’ve started at 6, decided to roll in around 7 as there’s no need for me to be in that early. Commute is 38 miles by car, so 45 mins to an hour, but depends on traffic driving towards London

I’m guessing it’s not that quick if you left it an hour later with the traffic.

London commuting is the bit I miss the least. I’ve got a 7.5km cycle each way nowadays, takes the same amount of time every day (unless I get a puncture or something). Most satisfying when it’s peak hour and I sail past the lines of cars.

Really miss riding my commute, but 38 miles each way is too much realistically. Surprisingly large amount of traffic around at this time of day. Lots of workers heading into the city (I work south of Guildford and the A3 is chocka even now

Anyway, have a good evening Maoam, I’m off to work

Cheers Rich, try not to fall asleep on the road!

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Man, it’s a hot one.

Morning team. Delighted to see @ma0sm so active in a morning thread - really heartwarming.
I’m gonna check out some potential shared office space today - exciting times!!!


Morning all. Doing a half day then gonna go watch some cricket at Headingley. Hope it doesn’t rain.

I work in a shared office space!

Found out today that there’s gonna be free yoga twice a week starting in June, which I’m well happy about as I need to do it but can never be fucked, so if it’s at the place I am, I’ve got no excuse. The Monday one is 6am though :expressionless:

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Will you be drinking?

When I first lived in London I lived within walking distance of The Oval. I now live in walking distance of The Gabba, yet it’s still one of those things I file under “yeah, I’ll do that one day”.