Tuesday motha motha morning thread

Will I be drinking? Just a bit. Cricket and beers is one of the best ways to spend a day or afternoon isn’t it.
Been to a few footy games at the gabba. You should get down if it’s on your doorstep!


Strike Day 5.

I can’t work out what to wear.

Great, now i have monster magnet stuck in my head.

Up early to pick up a parcel from @Matt_was_taken and off to work which i have a decent amount of dread about. Really hope i get paid this week.

You’re right, and I will… hopefully.

It’s like when I left London and realised that even though I’d been there ten years I still had a long list of things I hadn’t done.

Not that any of it really matters.

Morning all! GP appointment at 8.40 and then WFHing the rest of the day. It’s looking rather lovely out of the window.

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Hey night owls / those down under / those up above…

Feels muggy today. Suited up as my hoody is stained with sun cream. Needs a good wash.

Bitty day at work ahead. Meetings, training one of my direct reports and holding a 1-2-1 with my other.

Btw, maybe not the thread for it, but I really fucking hate Puccino’s, the station coffee people for their fucking stupid glib wry ‘observations’ about everything on their packaging.


Early Queen lyrics etc etc etc

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Glorious day isn’t it? Took the dog out early and now gearing up for a nice big poo. Today’s gonna peak early.

Never heard it called that before etc

(sorry Honey)


I hear you mate. Life gets in the way of everything doesn’t it.

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At least we still have this connection after I ditched your nearly-name.

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Sat on a :bus:

A really slow :bus:

i regret nothing


I’ve met someone who claims to have commuted from Haslemere to London on a bike for like 10 years. Thats 47 miles according to google maps. madness.

Good luck with your presentation PB! Hope the last minute prepping pays off :slight_smile::+1:

Alright? Got to nip over the Hatton Gardens on my lunch and get the clasp on my wife’s engagement ring fixed. We’ve been married for nearly 2 years now, might just sell it back to yer man, she doesn’t need it now.

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Can’t be arsed there’s a fucking nail in the rear left tyre of my car fuck off

Morning all!!! Not feeling tooooo fresh after drinking all the beer last night. Oh well, TEA. Lots of tea and the health kick starts today! Later I am going to destroy the gym and eat a stupidly healthy everything.