Tuesday motha motha morning thread

He’ll be doing his presentation right now!

Even as a seasoned bike wanker, I find that hard to believe. Maybe once a week, twice if you’re super fit, but I don’t see a 5 day a week, 100 mile commute sustainable

Good luck pinky brain, maybe casoooooooolare (sp?) can send him some telepathic good vibes, pretty sure that’s the sort of thing she can do

Morning all. Woke up early and had enough time for scrambled eggs, which is rare.

Got absolutely soaked when the heavens opened on the cycle in, so I’m sat here with damn legs.

You win some, lose some, etc

Realised yesterday my McDonalds Monopoly vouchers ran out today, so I had McDonalds for dinner last night, and got up early so I could have McDonalds breakfast this morning. Got a couple left so that’s lunch, dinner, and a cardiac arrest sorted for today.

Question for bike commuters: Aren’t you all sweaty and gross when you get to work? My drive to work is 18 miles but takes an hour. Would consider cycling, except for the above.

oh shit, that’s my McDonalds Monopoly vouchers wasted then. rip free ice creams :frowning:

You have until the end of today.

Car’s in getting fixed still can’t be arsed fuck off

Did back to back gym classes last night which means I am fucking knackered today. 1 hour and 45 mins of hard classes, bleurgh.
Back tonight for Peloton.

I’M HUNGRY. I am getting into a bad habit of having second breakfasts.

morning all

i wore four layers on the way to work today, slight error. still wearing my jumper though because my shirt is the most creased thing in the world. this is going to be fun.

Why is the weather so shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit today


I know someone who commutes from Beckenham to Dorking every day – it’s 24 miles each way and I think that’s a bit much.

I am a sweaty betty.

ah, misread your post, so i do. they’re all at home though and the nearest McDonalds is 20 mins away, so rip in advance free ice creams :frowning:

24 is doable, 47 is too much. A mate of mine used to do 32 each way, 5 days a week, for 9 months

I have my last ever uni exam tomorrow so I need to get up and stuff my brain with knowledge

Good morning everyone. We have a new starter at work, and there’s a certain aspect of her personality that I’ve never seen in anyone before:

She’s a Nickleback fan.

also, this has done me for the day


I’ve got a bit of shiner forming above my left eye after last nights squash :unamused:

Went for an hour on the way to work and was pushing it a bit to be on time so stomped it and got sweaty as heck. Sorry colleagues.