Tuesday motha motha morning thread

Sweaty Betty.

How bigger fan are we talking about here? Like do they have a Chad Krieger tattoo or do they just like the Spiderman song?

They put their “Rock and Indie” Spotify playlist on and there were like six Nickleback songs in a row. She sang along quietly to the chorus of each.

Haha!!! This has tickled me, she sounds likeable.

Doughnuts it is then.

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Fair play to her! It’s a bold move as newbie to try your hand at office DJing…

Oh she’s perfectly likeable, and I have nothing against Nickleback or their fans! It’s just that I’ve never met anyone who actually likes them before.

is your colleague by any chance the real Avril Lavigne? :open_mouth:


I used to work in a team of 8 which had two Nickelback fans in. Fans enough to go to two Nickelback gigs in the year and a half I worked with them.

It was appalling.

nobody knows it but you’ve got a secret hangover
and you tell it only to dis

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Last day in the sun, gonna go swim

She arrived at JUST the right time. I’ll try and work out if her name’s an anagram of SK8TER BOI.

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Seems a bit counter-productive to your health kick tbh.

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Beginning to understand the whole ‘grim oop north’ thing

A girl just arrived 10 minutes late for an interview because she was lost. Her bus arrived literally around the corner 35 minutes ago. Phenomenal first impression.

Really fucking irritable this morning fuck off

It was nice last week, honest!

Had a wash and dried my shirt, think i’ve pulled it back to acceptable levels :sweat:


Loveleelley day down in Brighton today

Going to pick up a NowTV box I will probably never use from the Parcel place at lunchtime today

Zelda arrived yesterday, so I played a bit of that last night (plus Mario Kart and some Master of None)

Bike ride tonight


Really tempted to take a half day holiday this afternoon for the sheer giddy fuck off of it all.

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