Tuesday motha motha morning thread

Sure it was… Possible smattering of sunshine on Thursday by the look of things. I’ll get the SPF50 out just in case.

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Dyson have a lot to answer for by replacing all the old school hand dryers. How am I meant to dry my sweaty pits now!?

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On the shoulders of strangers.


If this hasn’t been used as a post-rock album title, I’ll eat my proverbial hat.


I’m only 5ft2, this’ll be a tricky thing but I am up for the challenge. Crikey… it took me ages to work out how to spell challenge … my brain is broken.

I’m in work until 8pm now, which I’m thankful for because someone’s moving into my flat and I don’t want to help :smile_cat:
I’m glad we’ve got a girl moving in though because living with two lads was getting a bit urghhh.
I have another date tomorrow night sqweeeeeeee oh I’m such a teen.


Was thinking this the other day when I got water on my very light trousers whilst washing my hands…it was when washing my hands and not splash back from taking a p…honest.
Anyway yeah, dyson you upped our chances of embarrassment

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Hang on I can’t go anywhere until they’ve sorted my car FUCK OFF

They knew exactly what they were doing, bastards. Those new taps by the way, what the fuck!? I remember @_Em talking about the old ladies getting confused by them, I’m not that old yet and I ended up blow drying soap all over the place… three times.

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Good luck Ruffers.

I’m being a teen too. New girl at work is talking to some dude opposite me about print techniques (fucking yawn), but she’d oh so dreamy. Wondering if I should just chop my penis off so I can get some fucking work done.



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Yeah they’re a bit…brexit


Only one way to find out!

Learnt some interesting entries to leg locks last night then proceed to get stuck in a leg lock situation for about 2 minutes whilst I tried to figure out what to do.

Might go to a regular gym tonight to do some cardio whilst I look around and try and figure out how all the fancy machines work so I can have a go on them.:muscle:

I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought this last week. Need to be more severe :frowning:

NO. Eat healthily, reduce steadily, move a bit more.

Look after yourself.


I guess

Come on! Are you a Bamnam or a Bamnouse?

This doesn’t mean anything, I just really wanted to say it. Eat some lunch.


breakfast time soon!