Tuesday night and am feeling alright

Hey there, how we doing? Saw less than 20 posts in an evening thread almost couldn’t believe it! People just need to start posting more, its time. :laughing:

Hi there. It was a late start to the thread i think. I’m watching futurama. Getting a bit sleepy

I’m sleepy and it’s 6:30 PM :grimacing:

You probably get up earlier than i do, especially during lockdown when nobody sees how late instart work

Was thinking about this the other day and honestly can’t remember the last time I was up past 5AM. Probably 2017-2018 maybe.

Doyou mean getting up in the morning?

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Haha yup. 5AM latest I’ve been up in the morning in a long while.

I thought you meant going to bed at first! I am more likely to go to bed at 5am than get up that early. Don’t think I’ve ever got up that early unless it’s been to take a flight. I had to go to London quite early for work once last year but i don’t think i had to get up until about half 5.

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Fucking tune.


Holy moly. I got a new work laptop, and set something up (no idea what I did) but get a google chrome instant alert when someone pops a response to me. Cool so much better than looking for the little blue guy. Neat, technology eh?

Another dumb technology question, and I can’t believe I don’t know this being on here this long and all. But if I was to start a new thread how do I get an emoji in the title? :grimacing:

EDIT: I figured it out because I’m smart.


Fun fact, Thom Yorke was born in my local hospital.

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