Tuesday Night Class

I’m covering a class for an ill colleague. The building has just been evacuated.

Anything exciting happening to you?

Well I just finished changing some padlocks, but that’s not as exciting as an evacuation.

Cinnamon buns are in the oven, congratulations, etc.


Waiting to meet a friend. Might watch Cold War, maybe a pizza, probably a beer. Yeah.


Evening! Since the weather was so nice I went out for a walk after work and it was so splendid I wish I’d thought to take some pictures for the virtual stroll thread. Bought my mum and dad some fancy salted caramel and apple pie doughnuts to say sorry for be a bit of a dick the other day. Heading home in a bit to pick up a tv cable. Soup for tea.

Ya girl’s got herself a 9 month extension at her job :sunglasses::partying_face::dancer:t2:


Yes! Congratulations to you and to @wileycat - it’s a good day for good news!

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yeah weather is amazing just now

shame its going to be shite again at the weekend


Urgh so it is. Need to make the most of the next few days and try to get out at lunchtimes.


Snaffled a slice of Jnr’s pizza and now have stomach ache as my instant karma.

Got an exciting meeting tomorrow morning.

can’t stop singing triumph of the heart after posting that cat meme

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What it do Keith, all?

Making some Swedish meatballs and mash today. Very heavy cream sauce :grimacing:

@ericVI - finally getting around to watching Mr Death :skull::zap::coffin:


Such a good film. Would say it’s underrated but can understand why people might want to swerve the holocaust denial.

Oh shit, I forgot about that. Found a deece (enough) version of it on YouTube with Spanish subs (Senor Muerte).

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That’s a very solid case for me never watching that film

Whoops, spoilers!

It’s really, really good.

Does the film support holocaust denial?

:neutral_face: no! It’s by errol morris, it’s a documentary about right wing ‘tired of experts’ morons.

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Tuesday night is pub quiz night :smiley: