Tuesday Night Class

Ahhh. Okay might watch it then

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Last minute booked tomorrow off work, so tonight might be Friday night. Going take Jimbo to a sandy beach and have chips for lunch. How cheeky days off should be.

The highlight of my evening is probably doing the recycling bins. Not quite so Friday night.

Evening all. Everyone in the CCB household is beyond tired, as (since 6.30am EST yesterday) we’ve had 3.5 hours (eldest), 3 hours (youngest), maybe an hour or so (me) and virtually nil (Mrs CCB) in the way of sleep. I nearly nodded off writing this.

How do people do long distance travel as a regular thing?

Alright pals!
Feeling pretty pleased with myself today.
Beat my PB for hitting 20K on the bike this morning (only by a couple of minutes but, as Tesco says, every little helps)
Got home and spent 3 hours in the bedroom sorting out The Heap, chucked a load of crap away and have a pretty full bag of clothes to donate.

Only failure was I did tell myself I wouldn’t take any more books out today when I went to take 3 back to the library but I did only get 2 and, in my defense there was another 1 I really, really wanted that I resisted. Bet it’s on loan constantly for the next 6 months now :sob:

TV making us a curry for the leftover lamb tonight. We’re having it with cauliflower rice :sob:


This is ridiculous. I’m microsleeping roughly once every 30-60 seconds. Time for bed.

need a wee

Probably just in time for me to be well enough to go out on my bike again. Knew I’d miss all the good weather being sick.

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20c in London earlier, mad. Great day to have to pick up the last of my stuff from my old house and carry it all back to the office :hot_face:

Now in Birmingham, waiting on an order of mac and cheese for dinner. Might go get a beer and waste money on pinball at Tilt after.

Hope you get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed and normal again in the morning!

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Was going to post about my evening, but at this point you probably all have bingo cards with my usual array of evening pursuits on them because there is so little variation in what I say most days.

Took the wrong evening meds. I feel odd.

Passed a CIMA exam today. Had that thing where I don’t know what to do with myself for the rest of the day afterwards. Just sat drinking a non-alcoholic beer listening to the radio at pres.




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Greggs @ the birdseye factory
fookin hyped

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Love when you get a email back from a project manager stating to correct something on a report that literally would have taken them 5 seconds to do.

Currently pretending to not be annoyed about the locks while secretly being quite annoyed about the locks but also realising that it’s unfair to be annoyed about the locks and also recognising that feelings don’t really work that way.

i.e. sulking

you sure its not ennui and despair at not landing the beefy locksmith?

(sometimes a good sulk is what is needed :+1: )

No, but that’s probably what’s causing this raging semi.

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cpt birdseye @ the greggs factory would be better

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Well that’s good news isn’t it about the presumed consent for organ donation thing