Tuesday night let's get on with it

No sign tapping.

About to make a mushroom and veg stir fry wi rice. Only had lunch mere hours ago but is peckish after a fair old bike hike earlier.

What’s for dinner. Doin?


Watching the news

Gonna go to the happy shopper for some chocolate and have a baked potato with cauliflower cheese for tea

Hoping to do some music this eve and not just watch tv but we’ll see

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Evening all.

I have one more bag of bits to do and I will have finished the space shuttle.

Having an Aldi freezer pizza, will watch a couple of Mandalorian episodes then finish it off I reckon.

Back to work tomorrow, but no real dread yet.

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First day back at work but I’m working remotely. Feel like I’ve spent all day talking.

It is properly cold here.

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Hi Tilty :wave:

Really fancy tuna melt for dinner, got some celery to use up and I love it chopped up as a filling. The only time I like it I think.

M’s watching an animated film about seals and just said “that seal is Kristen Schaal”. And she’s right you know. Advanced knowledge for a 5yo imo.

Might do a little bit of lino printing later but more likely I’ll be consumed with dread.


The upside of having lots of nice posh cocktail stuff is I can make anything and it basically tastes of sweets or fruit or elderflower or whatever.
The downside is I basically have a pint of gin in my hand and can barely notice.



Got an oven-baked goats cheese risotto in the oven currently. Am very hungry.

My son has gone back to the Netherlands so I am going to catch up on the trashy tv programmes I enjoy watching even though I should be doing PhD stuff.

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Good evening!

Currently in the process of doing burgers and chips (a mix of sweet potato and normal tayto) for tea.

Not got much in mind for the rest of the evening. Maybe take the dog for another quick walk. Maybe have the last of my Xmas beers.

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Would like fish and chips tonight.

Last night I had chips and curry sauce on a bao. Would eat about 6 of those just now.

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can someone recommend a film to watch tonight? decided 2022 is the year I get into films.

watched Quo Vadis Aida last night which was a solid 8/10. Decent film.

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Wayne’s World

cats, the remake
the edit with the butts

Cool Runnings.

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Having some Brian Harvey Specials and trying not to dread about work. Watching The Hunt for Bible John and Toast of Hollywood later. Fun evening.



Dunno what to have for dinner, either fajitas but with quorn nugs or a bean soup and a part baked petit pan.
Probs just gonna drink some teas and watch some
Robbie Knox YouTube videos. He is such a sweet man.

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Love to go and give blood for the first time and there’s a very pale woman on the floor with a foil blanket around her by the door…

Evening all!

We had harisa sprouts/ mushrooms (me and Wor Lass respectively) and tofu for tea.

I did the minimum work required for tomorrow, did a grocery shop and played some computer games today. The Child has been following me at every step of my day and I am looking forward to her being soundly asleep.


Christian Bale Oooo GIF


Trying to wean myself off the festive decadence, so it’s salmon salad for dinner and 0 booze while cracking on with season 3 of Dark (which is probably for the best tbh as I’m pretty lost atm)

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Got a faint positive on the ol’ Latty, very much feelings of

post-NYE regret, but ah well. Feel fine, got a PCR tomorrow so trying not to think about it too much until then.

Agenda tonight is making this - Swedish-style ‘meatballs’ and creamy pasta: School Night Vegan’s midweek recipes for tinned beans | Food | The Guardian - and trying to clean off the book I’m reading