Tuesday night thread 👋



everything okay? anything you need to tell us?



Evenin’ gb/penoid!

I am really hungover still and I have to send loads of emails and organise lots of things. This is all self-inflicted but that knowledge doesn’t make me feel any better.


I’m putting up some (more) Christmas decorations! And listening to my favourite Christmas music! Yay!

Today is kind of my Sunday so I’ve done nothing all day. Slept for ages and then napped after that. Gonna see what kind of food I have in various cupboards etc now and hopefully I’ll be able to cook a DELICIOUS meal.


going out to a camra beer fest later. that’s about it.



Going to go buy #somebeers in a minute. Probably play some #Netrunner with #thelads after.

Nothing to share with the class beyond the staggering tedium of my day to day existence.


you should just do everything you definitely have to do asap and then sack the rest off until you’re not hungover :ok_hand:


Yeah, good shout. Just got a messge from one chap I was meant to contact so that’s lit a fire under my arse.


i don’t think i can even think of putting christmas music on until thursday.

if not, there’s always pizza :wink:


Just had a disorienting nap - been ill all day and crashed as soon as I got in.

Will be spending all day tomorrow making Xmas decorations with my class and all the little uns so at least I don’t have anything to do this evening


What Christmas music is your favourite? The James Brown Christmas songs usually get a rinsing in our house.


Hey Penoid,

I’m good, nothing to tell really. Just ate loads of biscuits.

Looking forward to payday tomorrow to sort my finances out a bit.

Got absolutely nothing to do this eve. And no idea what to do. Maybe just read.


you should keep us updated


This: https://open.spotify.com/user/bitchass/playlist/0KQOHNbzhKH9r3QjhlQwNo

Specifically the band Sunturns but I love that whole list.

If anyone who has me on snap feel like they need some Christmas cheer then I would definitely recommend looking at my story right now.


my entire life is staggeringly tedious also


i’m assuming this is to decorate the school/classroom for the start of december, and not that the rest of term is a write off?


also gws pal x


i’m thinking about spending a night reading myself. got a lot to catch up on. :thumbsup:

what biscuits have you got? i’ve got two of the little bags of cinema style butterkist, because one bag is never enough.


Thank you! Will put this on rotation in December!

I listen to this album a lot in December because it’s a bit bleak and wintery but it also reminds me of the really bad Winter from a few years back when everything iced over in my home town. Nice memories of wandering around in the snow in minus ten degree tempratures.


Left work early as I think I’m getting a chest infection felt terrible today. Don’t feel guilty as I worked late every day last week.

Leaving early had nothing to do with the fact that the Xbox I ordered in Black Friday was ready to pick up.


me and my parents have got a massive one on our shared network

here’s some of the best ones