Tuesday night with bread

Got bread! Therefore can have soup!

Plans? I’d thought about going to see jackass with some buddies but cba. Sofa and telly instead.

Go see jackass!

I am debating whether to see The Stranglers on Friday

Got my eye on a bath instead. Need to wash my hair :rofl:

On way home and in a good buzz about it coz got some shoes to cheer up wifey with.

Got pasta parcels with sauce for dinner and a bit sad about that coz they’re nice BUT they’re not gonna be a patch on last night’s Chinese takeaway ofc :frowning:

Tonight we have a new board game to try out that I’m pretty hyped about.

That’s it; that’s all


Just bought myself and new candle


Pics please! I hope your GW (gorgeous wife) is mightily cheered up by your gift :blush:


Finished work and came downstairs to take over with kids from parents in law. Couldn’t find the cats. Found them accidentally shut in the understairs cupboard and they had eaten a hole in a bag of their food and devoured a load, and also eaten through a wrapped up present of dog bone treats. And eaten some of the bone treats as well. :expressionless:


She has had a shitey time of it with covid then some hard work dealings.

SO she’s lately got a dress that’s patterned with yellow and a bright pink. Therefore:


I won an argument from about eight years ago.

Dr Mrs Epimer and I were talking about something and she said “I don’t want it to be like that time [eight years ago] when you were telling me something and I wasn’t listening to what you were saying, and you pointed out that I wasn’t listening, and I said I was, but looking back on it, you were right. I wasn’t listening to you.”

I have absolutely no recollection of any of this.



As I was making dinner I was thinking ‘I wish I had some garlic bread’

Had half a ball of mozzarella and a bag of spinach which needed using and I found a box of mystery tomato sauce in the freezer so I made us this pasta dish with tenderstem broc and lentil fusili, finished under the grill to melt the cheeses

Also had leftover creme fraice so made the sauce a bit creamy :yum:


@tilty i wasnt allowed to go to sandwich shop for lunch as my work pal was having soup and bread for tea. Are you my work pal? (Had poké bowl instea)

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I hate that you can’t put emojis and kisses and stuff in emails. Makes me feel like I’m being a rude dude

What’s stopping you?


Hour and a bit left. Day off tomorrow. Beers. Saw a motherfucking bullfinch earlier :nerd_face:


It even changes :smiley: into :grinning: on outlook now

Societies changed man


Didn’t think that through did i


Hi Epimer,

Thanks for getting back to me, fully agree with your thoughts on the matter.



The animated thumbs up emoji gets used everyday. Get with the times