Tuesday Night


Chosen football tonight.

Harpenden Town v Wembley.


What are youse folks doing?


Wishing I had a beer mainly.

Gonna give the baby a bath had have a salad


eating crisps, researching toronto and sneaking peeks of pics of my niece

should really be cleaning or packing but naaaah


In my hotel in Bergen. Trying to finish writing up an interview before heading out for Some Food and Some Beers.


that looks like a lovely beer!


trying to figure out how to get an abstract from the austrian driving license authority, how hard could it be, in the usa you can just do it online
fucking IMPOSSIBLE. forgot how frustrating austrian bureaucracy is. probably gonna have to actually go there and explain in person what i want.


Flying back to Glasgow to catch as much as Julien Baker as possible.


My meeting finished at 1 so pottered round the Wellcome, bought a new tea towel, had a few hours in Euston Tap.


It was a lovely beer.

Sierra Nevada California IPA.

My next one, a bottle of San Miguel is a little more average.


just listening to some Euros Childs because he makes me happy


So much work to do this evening. CBA.


I’m cooking dinner and waiting until the Chelsea match comes on. I wish I was having a beer*.


BAH. The Chelsea game is tomorrow night.


Not much. Just watch TV I think.


Every time you’ve posted this I’ve wanted to get the scene from Wayne’s World 2 where they say “schwergen!” and put “Bergen!” over the top, but then I’m too lazy and I can’t be arsed. Sorry.


Just got a pie in the oven. Heading off to the cinema after I eat it.

Had a fucking scary encounter with a red van man on the way home who tried to swerve into me and loads of other cyclists. Proper shook me up for a good ten minutes.


Fucking hell that sounds horrible. Glad you’re ok.


just sent an email to the police department. they’ll help me out, won’t they?


Hey friends
Had a well productive day actually- even washed up the baking tray I’ve been avoiding
Glad you’re okay @plasticniki !


Thanks mate, I’m fine now. Yeah I’m becoming very used to this sort of behaviour but this was extreme, something I’ve not encountered in a long time.


Omg it looks like plasticmike came home with a new houseplant???