Tuesday night

Just tucking into some after dinner chalmonds
How was your day on DiS?

Tiring. So tiring. ONE MORE DAAAAY

Tonight it’s eat, bake off, sleep.

Pretty massive walk today. Reckon about 7 miles, punctuated by Halloween themed rhyme time with the baby and pizza for lunch. Gonna do a fish curry of sorts for tea after the baby has had a bath and bed

no half term here


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My day was fine.

Currently eating some roasted salted corn which is my new fave snack.

About to make chorizo, ricotta and rocket pasta bake :ok_hand:


it’s been a good day Shrewbie I can’t lie

got one more class from 9:30-10:30 :cowboy_hat_face:

absolutely cannot be fucked with teaching any more either. send me back to my lovely office cubicle.

Mine’s been ok too. Good to take a moment to reflect on our successes


Seeing Cat Power at The Roundhouse.


Oh, my Goldflakepaint journal arrived. It’s a beauty

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done fuck all today. again

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got until May…eurgh.

look for a job doing what I was doing before (digital product management lol) in Madrid or Barcelona, or fuck off back home to London.

how long did you teach for, if you don’t mind me asking?

and thanks!

same as me more or less.

bloody people. teaching would be fine if there were no students.


6music, cup of tea, butternut squash and mushroom macaroni w/sweet potato fries.

Need to pick a new book to read.

Got a couple episodes of Bojack left, might restart making a murderer.

Awful work day, kittens are asleep in their tunnel so can’t even see them and now having to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 with the boy. Blows, man.

Waiting for my gf to get home, eating my way through a bag of jalapeño cheetos

Looking at haircuts that I might get

Evening all. Back to work tomorrow after a week off. Don’t have dread levels - enjoy my job, tbh - but could do without commuting again. Crumpets for dinner, might have a beer later.

was it difficult getting a visa?