... Tuesday, night?


wuu2 tonight folks? anything nice to eat? anything on telly? that type of stuff. go for it.

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Might… go out for a walk?

I’ve got plans man, loads of plans.

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:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Got take away pizza, gin & lemonade and watching Home Alone with the kidz

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pizzas and beers i reckon. not sure what else. might watch another stephen king miniseries. really into them even though they are absolute shite.

Fine, I’ll stay in for a wank.


Think I’ll watch that Dylan/Scorsese doc. Absolutely need to get on with some school work but just cannot be cba in any way shape or form. How is it 6pm already, feels like I just got up.

Went for a jog but my knee felt weird after two mins so changed to a pacy walk. The park I go around is massive but only seems to be one squirrel around;

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Been told I’m getting a payrise and bonus at work after cataloguing the work I do and showing how underpaid I am compared to the market rate. Thinking of starting up my label as I’ll have a bit of unexpected money. Also gonna give my sister loads as she’s preggers and now unemployed. Might buy a nice suit as well.



The couple downstairs from me aren’t coughing nearly as much as they were. Guess they’ll be ok.

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Or the opposite


Evening folks

Going for the walk soon. Been in the mood for some real classic songwriting lately so gonna listen to Rumors or some other 70s MOR stuff.

The lockdown is getting to my dad that he’s now reading my PKD books :grinning:

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Making a paneer tikka masala. Then we said we’d play some board games and watch a film

Last night we ended up watching Hustle, which I enjoyed as I like that kind of stupid stuff.


Hmmm. Not a good start to the evening. Getting very grumbly with the tv. He’s not even going anything wrong, I just want be irked at someone. So that’s not good. I am drinking a glass of wine.



Made a mackerel jambalaya type thing. was v nice.

Properly fucking done in lads, my back is in agony. ‘Friday’ night though :tada: Chips lasagna for tea and a few ciders ‘n’ gins I think.


Evening. Finished job, now three and a half weeks off to… do nothing.

Going for a walk, then GBBO then baileys then bed.