Tuesday night πŸŒƒ

Managed to get out today twice for a bike in the two windows of non rain. Was glorious.

Plans? Bbo for me


Good ebening from sunny Clitheruh


Have people just given up on respecting the 6pm barrier??

@Witches thought you’d like these plants


I care not for arbitrary rules



not much going on tonight and i’m looking forward to that. probably play a bit of mario, eat some tea and watch gabbo. then bed. woo.

You appear to be cycling in a watercourse, so that’s a given, tbf.

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Evening all, still trying to finish some work.

Think I’ve fucked up one of my teeth, it feels really different after flossing yesterday and is a bit sore now. Unfortunately I discovered my dentist back home was a complete nutter who gave my sister loads of unnecessary and poorly done fillings so I need to find a new dentist. How do you find a good dentist???

Evening. I’m in my hotel room, handing around till my flight at 4pm tomorrow :roll_eyes:. Got some work to do then bake off. Trying to decide what to do for dinner but the menu is really uninspiring, barely a sauce to be had!

Sitting in a school car park. Forgot my Switch. Bollocks.

Ask them if sauce counts as a dietary requirement?

No chips with the burgers?

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No chips at all by the looks of it.

My other option is to walk over to the terminal, get the shuttle to north terminal and go to M&S- cause everything else is shit. Covid can do one.

amazing looking ride, that

I really need to do some bike maintenance. like, clean the chains and etc down fully, oil them afresh, maybe even get new rear and front derailleurs?

I am out of Sertraline as I have been too anxious to ring the docs and sort it. had a headachey rubbish day, too.

put my new bearings on my skateboard, but it hasn’t dried outside, so [shrug]

no idea what to do with myself

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Northern Bloc ice cream? Sounds like a new Cold War

Isn’t one of the terminals shut apart from the Boots? One of the dads from my son’s tennis is a dog handler there. He’s bored as fuck.

:never posts again:

Watching a simpsons and it’s season 10 and I’ve never seen it

i’d probably just go for some inbetween breads


crikey that’s a dull menu. And Β£12 for a margherita? JFC


Lots of uni reading tonight and tomorrow. Need to actually try and absorb what I’m reading for a change. Why is academic writing so tedious though.

The sun on the wet autumn leaves just now and my orange jumper got me feeling all Gilmore Girls

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