Tuesday night ๐ŸŒƒ

First one literally has the word โ€˜sandwichโ€™ in the title too.

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I appear to have lost all my family. My other half left to pick Jimbo up from a playdate about an hour and a half ago and they arenโ€™t back yet. My guess is heโ€™s stayed for dinner, but it would have been nice to have been told.

Early cure song titles needed work


Took a big risk at Morrisons. They had some cinnamon swirls reduced really cheap but labelled as toffee and apple crowns. I took them to a bakery man and asked if they were โ€œtoffee and apple crowns or cinnamon swirls? cause I only want them if theyโ€™re cinnamon swirlsโ€ he put on his glasses and was like โ€œlooks like theyโ€™re toffee and apple crownsโ€ so I took them back to the reduced bit to put them back but then I risked it so I bought them and theyโ€™re cinnamon swirls :sunglasses:


big fan of this story


Good evening

If anyone wants to ask me a question, today is your ONLY opportunity. EVER. (not really)


hey up. Fairly good day at work and its chips for tea and GBBO later so what is not to like indded


Ooh I got sniffed by a dog this morning, maybe it was him.

Yeah it looks like south is shut, which annoyingly is where I am

Bald guy?

Sorry was too busy looking at the dog

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They have literally tried to accommodate everyone but satisfy no one

Theyโ€™re home. No need to send out a search party

Salmon would do nicely ta

Funky Friday :partying_face: Chicken n chips for tea, couple of Guinnesses and bed I think, got an early start tomorrow.


Title of your sex tape


Is it pick on laelfy day or something :woman_shrugging:


Comes around so fast!

Those photos are kind of ironic, given that much of east london currently has no water supplyโ€ฆ

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Pain is back in a big way. Weird how cycling seemed to alleviate it.

Strong smell of gas in the house I think have had to call engineer. Right shite