Tuesday Night

Either that or your transition into a drug dealer is well under way


Won’t fit in at any festival if you’re not rocking one

:softball: :dash:

oh no, that was an ace!

I looked and it was gone (the ball)

This looks amazing, reviews if you do go!

Never have fit in x

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having a tough time folks, thought and prayer please cheers x


Hope everything’s OK bam, feel better soon

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Lots of love to you :heart: x


Sending you positive thoughts. Hope things get better soon


My darling partner and I often play the “guess how many steps I did today” game when we’re sat on the sofa

hers was 6969 tonight. funny


Ha we did, it was underwhelming, in just the right way. Just the normal small pub TV playing this 80s section of eastenders pub scenes - pretty much no one watching or interested, just the odd local coming in and asking why they were watching old episodes of eastenders and the barman grumbling that he wasn’t watching it. Way better than going to a gallery.

In a way it reminded me of The Clock by Christian Marclay but the setting and the complete lack of fanfare really made it for me.


It literally says it’s meant to be served cold in the thumbnail you posted, Rob! :grin:

I do not like cold soup

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Nice squared.

Sending you a big hug chap, look after yourself x

Absolutely love this, was picturing a proper big screen, dark room set up in a back room or something. This is way better.

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Heard there’s some in Wimbledon though

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Thanks everybody, sounds silly but it is appreciated. Hope you are all well!

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Omg at work in sleep in room and the fucking security light is going bananas going off and on every few seconds. Went out and there are a few spiders etc but no real reason for it. Also the cable leads like fucking nowhere. Surprised if the neighbours don’t come round. Stop please why?!?

got back from Aldi and realised I’ve only forgot the cereal. fucksake