Tuesday Night

What’s up everyone?

  • Get a pizza in
  • Oven fish, chips and peas
  • Some sort of pasta

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I massively cba.

Was meant to work late but just couldnt face it. London is so muggy right now, its gross. Probably gonna have oven fish n chips myself tonight, watch some telly, go to bed early. Need to have a beard trim and pack some records too.

Evening. Got a bolognaise on the go. Probably do a bit of cleaning and watch some telly later. That’s it, really, I’m afraid.

Been out for a wee spin on the bike with the youngest. He’s now making me watch Unspeakable YouTube vids.

Evening all!

Work was fine but we still don’t have a new bathroom or any indication of when that might happen.

Wor Lass made some tempura prawns for tea.

I’m going to buy some music and possibly some football boots tonight I think, hopefully while watching The Northman. I need to apply for a job too but the deadline is ages away.

i’m gonna make a big bowl of pasta tonight

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Relentlessly tired and stressed. Went to the big city to the bank this morning, went to work, took a load of books to the charity shop, packed some more stuff. Got jacket potatties in the oven and a beer on the go. Never moving house again.

Just been messing about in the garden taking photos of a blanket

Please allow me to indulge my sad little life below (very dull content hidden):


Going to read in bed soon and by that i hope i actually mean it and not in fact “add books to my wishlist then impulse purchase gingham jumpsuits until 1am”


Pleased to report I’ve already had oven fish and chips for tea (served with beans, spicy fry type chips which were nice but also incorrect, but all I had)

Might be going to the pub later, involves cycling to shoreham though

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Had mixed meat and chips for tea with a samosa on the side.

Gonna have a Biscoff ice cream for pudding and then sort my work bag out for the morning.

Find summat to watch on TV for a bit I suppose

Came home from work, sat down, woke up four hours later.

Hello mugginess, my old friend

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Uh oh. It’s also me. :star_struck:

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In a mood. Got soup for tea. It’s 24°c outside ffs

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Fantasy football (american) draft # 1 tonight. Pissed about it because the season doesn’t start for three weeks. Only date/time everyone could make it however.

Any injuries prior to season I’m leaving the league next year.

Beer and potato chips in the meantime.


Had stovetop potatoes, broc, beans and Quorn chicken style grill for dinner. Standard weekday pleaser isn’t it

V made a red velvet cake last night so some of that with a cup of tea in a bit.

Currently watching one of my top 5 all time programmes, GPs behind closed doors.

Muggy as mates

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This looks great, I love granny squares

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I am working on an assignment and getting pissed off that I can’t get Tableau to do what I wanted even though other people have managed similar

I should stop working soon or I’ll end up throwing my laptop out of the window