Tuesday Night

I am working on an assignment and getting pissed off that I can’t get Tableau to do what I wanted even though other people have managed similar

I should stop working soon or I’ll end up throwing my laptop out of the window

Have you tried doing a handstand

Handstand on one hand, other hand throwing laptop out the window

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Ramen for second night in a row, probably won’t want it again for 4 months now

Off to see Alex G - glad it seems like he’s sold out (and did the same in Newcastle last time) as he always seems a bit underrated/overlooked to me

Will have 1 overpriced pint (/can of red stripe if they run out again) and hope to buy either a tee or an album

How much hassle is running a draft NFL?

I run a PL one and once it’s set up and drafted it kind of runs itself.

I would be very interested in a DiS NFL draft if anyone is keen.

I’m in 3 leagues, I only run one. Not this one. We play for money so main thing is the collection of the $250 a team before season starts, I’m a stickler.

Depends whether you are doing an auction draft or snake draft, but once set up pretty seamless process. I believe @The_Excession and @Steved may be looking for some participants in the DiS NFL Fantasy League.


It was nice, but sweaty af now

Didn’t have any tea because I had a funny turn :frowning: feeling well sorry for myself now lol

Kinnell, it’s so warm tonight. Must be about sixty degrees outside, easily.

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yaaaasssss pal

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Feels like we’ve got to the bit of the summer holidays where we’re all testing each other a little bit. I can feel that I’ve got grumpy and short tempered, and Jimbo is doing his very best to push all our buttons too. It didn’t help that I’ve barely left the same room all day - I definitely need to get out and see the outside world tomorrow

Eating maltesers, drinking beer, watching Day Shift on the 'flix.


Was watching a film, but then a song by the GOAT came on so now I’m listening to them instead.

Lester from the Wire’s on masterchef, the multiverse is complete.


Sticky warm isn’t it?

We’re on holiday in london doing all sorts of touristy shit. Snog in front of Snog yoghurt bus sign. Tuk Tuks. Leake St. Very cool


Absolute garbage. Fun garbage, but garbage


Anyone a shoe size 9 (EU 43.5) and looking for some new trainers? These are 80% off reduced to £18 and then if you add code FINAL15 at checkout you’ll get another 15% off.

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