Tuesday Night

just had a piece and cheese for similar reasons.

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Played footie.

Think coldplay have finished now.

These are the gig that have been at Hampden this summer: Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Liam Gallagher, Gerry Cinnamon, Coldplay.

We can only hope.

Oh, were they playing live tonight?

I like quite a lot of Coldplay songs tbh


the what’s the capital of scotland and ‘no its not, its fucking blackpool’ retort is amazing tbh.

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Gig was real real good

Real packed and sweaty too, on the edge of being too much but just made me happily nostalgic instead

I listened to Parachutes recently, still holds up.

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I like this one


X&Y is better than anything The National have ever put out.

That’s not saying much.

Meaning the National stink.

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Not listeened in a while, remember it being mostly duds jut the upbeat songs being great Square One, Talk, Speed of Sound

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Had 1 of these. Pretty nice


I’m listening to Broken Social Scene for the first time I believe. Quite enjoyable.


Coldplay are playing in the stadium here next Summer. They’re gonna fuckin stink the joint out.

Micky Flanagan

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Pwapa funny

Bizarrely only got into them through the do make say think connection. Still just prefer DMST, one of my faves

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