Tuesday Night

These 4 grannies on the train had a block of supermarket cheese and a knife out on the table and were all just cutting slices off and having a nibble. Never seen owt like it.


My dad was doing some Homer Simpson in church breathing so i had to leave the room before i killed him


Managed the cocktail, it’s a weird one! Enjoying it but odd balance of flavours

It’s a Half-Hour Flight, pretty suitable since I’m watching Sully tbh


Stuck Event Horizon on to get a 90s hit


Only watched for first time over lockdown, what a wild ride that was. Great fun!

“Where we’re going we don’t need X” became an instantly overused reference in the flat

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Put Maltese Falcon on again as I fell asleep halfway through last night.


Think I’ll go to bed shortly.

No dont

Is a good one, long overdue a rewatch.

Nothing better than getting a new reference on the go

When I first watched Predator I didn’t know thats where the handshake meme came from, seeing that happen on screen in real time was a beautiful thing

arnold schwarzenegger predator GIF


Bit grumpy. Want a cuddle but a grumpy one where I don’t really touch or interact with the other person :thinking:

Have spent about 90 minutes rejoining facebook, waiting on permission to join rubbish local groups, and co-ordinating how I’ll get m’s brother’s lost wallet from its finder and on to him. Looks like all his “money” (drugs) have been nicked from it anyway.

Think by a non-touching cuddle I mean a voice note which is the next best thing. Going to send one of me singing the werthers original advert song to my pal as she always reciprocates when I do that :sweat_smile:

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Hey up

Cold, tired, might just get to bed.

hiya! i’m procrastinating instead of writing, as usual :melting_face: my mum’s watching Handmaid’s Tale downstairs which is a fun way to spend her birthday?!

Been in bed for about 45mins


baba sigh GIF by Puffin Rock

I’m out on Thursday night, probably a later gig than I’m used to. Should I be getting an early night so I’m rested or staying up late so I’m used to it? Why can’t I be young and full of beans again?

Lol got a little weepy at Sully

Guess who’s off for the next 5 days?


their eyes crack me up every time I see the pigs from off of Shaun the Sheep