Tuesday Niteeeeeee

what’s happening? gonna drink some bottled lager and watch the Spain game.

amazing what soft water does to your skin, clothes and hair, innit. live in an ‘ultra’ soft water area, and swear my clothes come out smelling and feeling softer, and my skin feels better and hair less greasy.


On the way home innit. TFIFF :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


observing FF here too

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Still got quite a bit of work to do. My darling partner is ordering herself a pizza but I’ve already committed to finishing off the veg box veg so I’ll be having a tofu, sprout and mushroom stir fry instead. What a sad little life


Will be watching Le rayon vert later

Don’t rub it in

Was trying to find that thread with the link to the website where you could enter your postcode and find out how hard your water is, so I could link to my post showing that mine was literally off the chart. But I can’t find it.

(Actually don’t mind hard water too much because it’s got more minerals in)

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New router arrived. Set it up. Have had actual consistent internet for 3 hours now. Bliss.
This evening I’m going to rinse youtube and streaming services of all the stuff I’ve been missing for the last two weeks.
For now, I’m making minestrone soup from scratch, using chicken stock I made last night. 45 minutes till the courgette and cabbage go in… will be ready by about 19:15, by which time Miss Y may have started eating my arm, bless her.


i think that’s the point with soft water, isn’t it :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


Made a green lentil dahl, not sure about it tbh. Gonna make a chickpea and paneer curry after kiddo goes to bed. Listening to dead meadow as I’m a stoner now


Only got 1 more ep of Big Brother 2011 to go

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On second thoughts, no-one wants to hear about the riveting discussion I had with my car insurers today


See if the old MB turns up this time


I don’t know what to do about Masterchef and I’m A Celebrity being on at the same time.

Got aubergine lasagne for dinner. Might have some wine tonight even though it’s Tuesday.
Going to do some more online Christmas shopping this evening.

Veggie kebab, bit of work, bake off with twirl bites…nice!


Tidied my bathroom up and superglued a broken tile i found (you guessed it…on the street). Love all of these, they’re called Sagrado Profano. Much more effective time when you have several in a pattern but beggars can’t be choosers, and she doesn’t sell them anymore


Evening all!

Told my dad on Saturday that I thought it was unlikely Glasgow would end up in Tier 4. Please call me The Curse from now on.

I might be able muster some energy to go to the gym but I’m definitely starting to feel like it won’t make any difference and I’m not leaving my house for long for the rest of the year. I am an utter ray of sunshine this evening.

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Off to the hospital thanks to severe abdominal pains!

Did he chastise you for calling “Tier 4” when it is “Level 4”?