Tuesday PM Thread

Evening eveners. Cooked some chilli and watched more Fleabag and going to go to the gym. How bout you?

Let’s chat.

Currently drinking cranberry juice and listening to John Coltrane. Nothing else to report.

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Gonna try and stay awake until at least 9

Why are you tired?

Woke up at 2:15 and couldn’t sleep :unamused:
Wish it was more interesting than that :frowning:


First all nighter of three lined up for tonight.

Can’t wait to be working at 4am.

Post-8.30pm I should NOT be posting on here but just try and stop me.

Does your new place feel like home yet?

Why not work for the first 50 min of every hour then give yourself 10 min DiS time.


Currently watching don’t tell the bride. Classic.

She’s crying over her dress.


No it does not, it’s very temporary but I absolutely love the location, it’s the best.

Last week i was talking to a parent who made me a cake at christmas. We were talking about cakes she’s made and i CASUALLY mentioned i love carrot cake.
She comes in today and asks if i will be there this afternoon and im like yeah…then at home time comes in with this

Seriously :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow that’s great. Her kid’s getting an A, yeah?

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Going out for vegan junk food, beer and punk rock in roughly that order. Is it just me or did it get fucking freezing over the course of the day?


It’s still Theresa May, unfortunately!!!


Omg I have to go to this

Oh god they are getting married in a plane :confused: :laughing:

Let me guess she’s scared of heights

Strangely not… but he there wasn’t any vows, she walked down the aisle/seats herself… only just remembered to put the ring in her finger :smile: special memories


Dunno what else

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