Tuesday PM Thread

Now they’re in a warehouse with sand on the floor :laughing:


Stfu :fu:

Its great cos there’s no need to bribe me so i have no guilt :rofl:

Evening all :slight_smile:

It’s the eldest’s 10th birthday today, so we’ve had a birthday tea and she’s opened her presents. We bought her that Lego Saturn V in the end, and she was very happy :slight_smile: I’d post a pic but I feel like I probably post too many.


Just bunged a veggie burger in the oven, gonna wait for it to cook then put it on a bun and eat it.

Hey laelfy.

Watched Fleabag earlier. It’s a brilliant episode. Cooking up a frittata and a cuppa I think. Early bed later.

Hey hey. Just did a bit on the cycle and I’m not wrapping some presents and listening to Fennesz. I’m so shite at wrapping presents m9s :neutral_face:

Wife-o got one of those Thai takeaway boxes from ‘bo’s on the cheap so gonna gorge myself on various curries tonight :money_mouth_face: It has been decreed that we can have Guinness cake tonight so need to make room for a slab of that.


new album is :ok_hand: eh?


Prince Charles is coming round ours tomorrow. Hope you’ve got the fine China ready.


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Today can fuck off. Actually, it is probably me who can fuck off for being inadequate, but I’ll scapegoat a unit of time instead. Fuck you, Tuesday, you and the horse you rode in on.

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Really long, shite week at work is finally over. Cooking up some minty lamb steaks and watching more Fast Show. No beers though, trying to cut out booze at home for a bit. Wish I had some Um Bongo.

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Stock take done?

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Eating a tortilla

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What did you get the wife?

All stock has been took. Had loads of deliveries to deal with too, but in the middle of it the rep from a booze supplier came for a meeting I’d forgotten about and I had about 6 shots of various spirits which took the edge off a bit.

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No way! Might serve him a brew in this… might cheer him up :smiley:


The idea of a stock take taking a week is mind blowing


I’ve got her a Yashica 635 - Japanese camera from the 60s, quite iconic, looks like this:

Shoots in 35mm and 120mm film so I’ve bought her loads of both and it’ll come with a promise that I’ll get the film developed when she’s done. And then to bring us into the 21st century I’ve got her Turn On The Bright Lights… on vinyl.


Yeah it’s absurd really. There’s fucking loads of stock, only 2/3 of us working at any point so only one person at a time doing any counting, a ridiculously antiquated system and loads of other work to do at the same time.

What a lovely husband you are