... Tuesday, right?

I’m in the middle of a temporary redeployment. First told about it last Tuesday. Had an all day induction yesterday. Meant to be doing some shadowing before switching over. No details on that yet. Pretty much wrapped up all the work on my current job in anticipation of a quick change that hasn’t happened.

Just gonna play Stellaris read think tank reports all day or something I guess.

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About to find out if I’ll be having a third day of double yolkers


On a internet based workshop for mindfulness during the isolation period, and I like the idea but the host keeps pronouncing “assuming” as “ashooming”.

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That’s how they’re laid



Got a mostly clear day, just BAU work and Instagram stories to make.

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Must be a hell of a production schedule @kermitwormit has to keep up at this time of year



need a lie down now


Trying to work up the courage to leave the house.

I share that record but I only hear it.

I have just realised this is a lie.


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late for work

Ordered something 25 March, says up to 28 day delivery. I know that’s only 13 days ago but OMG I JUST WANT IT. Might proper snog the postie

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wish i could play tony hawks or something

kinda missing vidya

Hello Glasgow :relaxed:

Another beautiful day, innit? Will try and get out for a walk at lunchtime, got a David Byrne album from the 80s on which is feeling fairly suitable for the weather.

Need to do some work at some point too, but not thinking about that for now!

Some of our staff, incl. three people from our team, were put on furlough yesterday. Killed the already depleting mood a bit, though I guess it was inevitable.

While I’m moaning, for some reason the part of leg directly below my right knee now hurts when I put weight on it, so my new hobby of running every day to keep me sane has come to an abrupt end for the time being. FFS.

Happy Tuesday guys.

'er indoors is outside cleaning the windows. I just did a burp in the living room that was so loud that she heard it outside.

Peaking early today.


Office chair - nada
Withdrew instead of deposited money into savings
You can keep your Tuesday and all who sale in her.

Mis-spelling ‘sail’

Fuck offfffffffff.


What area you living in?

Did a work video call in my Hollow Knight t-shirt. There are no rules any more.