Tuesday’s Child is full of whoooaa


I’m on a packed and sweaty bus heading for a 7 hour train ride. I may be posting a little more than usual today (wifi and charge points permitting)

Entertain me with a ‘whooaa’ fact if you have one. Otherwise what’s your Tuesday plans fellow DiSsers?

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I want to stay in bed please

Bed is so nice


So everyone got on the wrong train because they decided to re-route a different train to our platform 6 minutes before we were due to leave. There was a moment of brief panic and we all rushed off.

I’m on the right train now but unfortunately my really nice navy blue Omega umbrella is on a train to Eskilstuna. Which is REALLY annoying because it’s raining where I’m going

Still, at least I’m on the right train

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Alright @BodyInTheThames, @manches, DiSsers yet to come.

I have a day’s TOIL today after working all day Saturday. Having breakfast then going to spend most of the day sitting in the conservatory drinking coffee and trying to figure out how to use my Octatrack properly. Looking forward to it tbh tbf


Morning squadron.

Full bike wanker mode today.

I CBAed the most. Three days 'til Prague.

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morning team, just back from a run so feeling quite chuffed with myself.

test driving a tesla this morning, looking to move the whole company fleet electric/hybrid over the next 2 years or so.


I am off today, so cue being woken up at 5.15 by the kiddo. She’s refusing her porridge this morning, which is unlike her, but eating the other bits she has got Breakfast. Can guarantee shell be trying to pinch my toast in a bit.

Pay day, so I may treat myself to a new jacket or trainers and maybe a record and a keepcup. Need to go shopping and make tea for tonight (veggie cottage pie).

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I read that as “rum” lopes.


ooops, typo, it was meant to say rum. :+1: :wink:


can’t wait for my pre-counselling pastry.


2nd day of my full week of all-day meetings in Pretoria. Work up at 5am for no reason so I’m gonna be extra tired by our team dinner this evening. Missing the TV and the baby something silly.

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Morning DiS

Decided I’m going to stick with my alt account for a bit. Keep you guessing and all that. Currently being treated like a cretin by the accounts department at work who seem incapable of telling me a straight answer about getting paid for some overtime 3 months ago.

Got a long day ahead of me and I’m wavering somewhere between can’t really be bothered and full on cba.

Enjoy the trains BITT :bullettrain_front::bullettrain_front::bullettrain_front:


Had an extra task added to the week, which means my hopes for plain sailing predictable pre-annual leave week are dashed somewhat

Should still hopefully be piss easy

Pls no one release a tiger in my office

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You could say you’ve got the Pretoria Homesick Blues.

…is what I would have said until I realised the song is actually Peoria Lunch Box Blues.


Not nice of them to Pretoria meetings into one week like that.


Going to Birmingham for an overnightter. Feel like I’m coming down with something tho :mask:


Lovely - will try and shoehorn this into dinner chat


I had quite a good night’s sleep in this B&B which makes a change as I usually struggle to sleep when I’m away.

We’re about to go down for breakfast and then we’re of to see some monkeys and tanks.

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Had a mini breakdown yesterday, but feeling a lot better today.

Taking some steps to try and reduce some stress in my life, even if I just want to fuck about and do whatever I want to do in that precise moment.


Be well buddy!