Tuesday Snoozeday

Morning! I woke up Too Early and now I can’t get back to sleep! In the office today so I might just get up now and aim to arrive at 8am, which would buy me a 4:30pm exit.

What are you up to today? Did you sleep well?

Morning. Late shift today, so off out for a walk after I’ve dropped el kiddo off a nursery. Currently laying in bed listening to Sun June

Hey up. Suns out so small portion of my lower arms are out.

Work, drama club, home for more work. Urgh


Work, then probably a whole lot of nothin’


In bed, Fig is bunny kicking my feet through the duvet, listening to some nice slow music in the futile attempt to offset the next few days of stress.

Early win, arrived to station just in time to hop on the early train. Next train is in 15 mins, so saved an annoying wait on platform. No seats but you can’t have it all can you?

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Going back to sleep

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Morning all!

Wor Lass warned me before I went to sleep that the picture frames she spent hours hanging yesterday were not looking secure, so to expect some kind of avalanche during the night. We heard one of them fall just after my first alarm at 6.45.

I have an unusually well-prepared day at work which I’m sure will unravel before my eyes before 9.30.

There are no other plans apart from the obvious domestic things.

Woke up with an intense craving for beans on toast, so I had some. Because you can do that as an adult.

Back working after a week off and feeling oddly recharged which will probably unravel as soon as I log on.


Wearing shorts today. That’s it now for the year. No trousers apart from work


I am quite jealous that you and @Funkhouser can commit to this kind of behaviour.


I’m looking at next Monday as official shortsday I think. Then it’s locked in till September.


Might drive out to the beaches past Sandringham today. Feels a lot safer now that Prince Phillip’s dead.

Shorts audit

  • I’ve worn shorts already this year
  • I’m wearing shorts and don’t plan to go back to long trousers until the autumn
  • it’s not warm enough for shorts just yet
  • the only time you’ll catch me wearing shorts is on holiday
  • Shorts? Not for me Clive

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Doing a shift at the pub after the brewery today and I have not, in any categorical terms, had enough sleep.


It’s my birthday :partying_face: I’m going to go to the tip.

Also getting a shawarma later and hopefully some snogging after that


Happy cakes :birthday: :moon_cake: :fish_cake: :pancakes: :cupcake: :cake: :birthday:


Got an appointment with the dentist this afternoon. Might have a nice breakfast since eating might be off the cards tonight.

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Going to ride my bike in the almost sunshine.

Definitely, definitely going to mow the lawn this afternoon. Maybe.

Builders, builders everywhere for the extension. Annoyingly the last windows still haven’t been delivered. Absolute violence taking the old doors out.