Tuesday (st)Evening

What’s everyone up to? What are you eating?

I’m sat in McDonalds applying for jobs, the latest of which took over an hour and was a fucking ball ache. Listening to Blanck Mass.

watching tennis. too lazy to go and put the dinner on.

Listening to new music after spending a while setting up my new phone. Going to make a cup of tea in a moment and then I’ll re-read this monster article on nuclear fusion as it’s probably one of the most interesting things I’ve ever read.

I had sausage and broccoli pasta. I will probably have a chocolate orange bar soon.

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Wondering if I qualify to be a ‘Kitchen Designer’.


Going for pub dinner with my sister (yay) and my dad (meh). Last time he went to the pub with her he was really late (claimed it was because of work) but a subsequent ‘sext’ intended for his girlfriend and sent to my sister demonsatrates he was actually doing the nasty. He’s now unwittingly sexted my mum, sister, and one of my brothers. :confused:


Pissed off, quite frankly.

Late meeting arranged at short notice at work has scuppered any pre season football action.

So, having a pint on the way home before I furiously hurl my backpack at the kids’ bunkbeds and find something disgustingly healthy to eat when all I want is shitty burgers.

Need to get my shit together again tonight before tomorrow. Big long day ahead.

Watching King Konta :tennis:
Gonna make some guacamole hot dogs :hotdog::avocado::hot_pepper:

Sitting in my car next to an astroturf, supposed to be playing hockey in 15 minutes but it’s raining pretty heavily. It’s going to take huge willpower to leave the car.

:joy: pretty sure it’s all just stealth humble bragging that he’s getting some



Another fun day of walking all the way into town for interviews for jobs I’m not going to get because I have nearly no money.

Urgh so some Tory wank squeals in the crowd which makes Halep stop playing. Hate Wimbledon fans so, so much.


Fucksake I’ve only got here a hour early


hey boys and girls, I’ve made another song today :slightly_smiling_face:

so relieved!

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You may find this interesting… I think it’s this synth you got…
(It gets pretty nerdy tbf)


oh sweet, yeah it is actually! well remembered

Evening team, pure peach of an evening in Glasgow but I’m gonna resist going for a beer.
Gonna make a big tasty stir fry and watch some naff no brainer film

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Cereal for tea. My body is a temple.


Made an average chicken salad meal