Tuesday surely?

Where are yall

Wishing I was still in bed

In hospital. I have a charger though :tada::tada:


GWS rich.

You will be delighted to know that having got up early to take my bike to the LBS for a service I might get it back today so I can ride to hospital myself tomorrow.

Exciting times.

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Yesterday was Sunday all day long wasn’t it, whatever the calendar said.

Thought of the phrase “biodegradable fish tank” last night. Delighted with it.

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Have the week off :+1: School is on strike and wife at work :-1: So hitting up the greatest hits. Playpark, cafe, whatever else the kids can get out of me when they sense weakness, which is frequently.


That sounds like a metaphor for a really really bad idea.



Apparently loads of people came home with Covid from the big work team build thing I went to last week. Feeling pretty relieved to have escaped it, has anyone caught it 4x times yet?

Loads of meetings today, need to go to Sainos. Looking forward to a nice quiet evening tonight

Fao @Gnometorious


Thank fuck I booked today off

I have a 3 day week before 10 days off. The CBA level is completely off the charts.


Went to the services to charge my car on the way home this morning.
Parked up went in, had a leon breakfast hang about for another few minutes so it’s fully charged. Go back to the car and I’ve not plugged it in, no time to charge it because i needed to get home for work.
Charger in the car park at home is broken so i’ll have to go back to the services tonight because i’ve only got 10% left

Morning. Had a fox sat in the middle of the road having a good old screaming session at 2am, that bank holiday work dread gets everyone.

Currently enjoying a 40 minutes of no meetings before an awful run of 5 back to back meetings until 1. Today is already a write off.


An hour’s round trip and £10 for m’s birthday balloon for it to come untied literally at my front door

Fully fully irked :sob:


Just print off this picture and hang it from the ceiling


don’t call me shirley

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At home ill with the youngest - whose school is closed for a planning day but also oddly has an ‘open day’ this evening for parents & kids who are going up to the middle school next term

Not sure we’re gonna make it, or even be allowed in with all my snotting & coughing

Slept absymally, not helped by Winnie spending most of the night changing positions next to me/shoving her furry butt in my face/licking my nose and tickling my face with her whiskers

  • Shut the menace out of the bedroom at night
  • It’s too late for that now, she’ll just miaow at the door all night

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