Tuesday surely?

Just asked my youngest whether she’d rather be told the sad story & shown the photo or remained ignorant to the whole affair and she was unequivocal about how she’d rather not know

Do with this information what you will


Morning all,

wfh with the kids at my folks as it’s strike day. Lucky they could step up tbf.

don’t have a lot else sorry folks. withered.

@Scout that’s heartbreaking.
@Im_On_Safari solidarity I’m with the kids as they’re off school but I’m making them do homework, piano practice etc.
@rich-t How’s she doing? Hope you’re all OK.

Moderately excited by dinner (last night’s pulled pork leftovers), happy with myself for running 1st thing, and contemplating a trip up the coast post-work to see a super rare bird.

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Dunno what else you’ve tried but we noticed Snoopy quite liked sleeping on office chairs, so we put one in our bedroom with a blanket on it. She now sleeps on that every night, rather than on my feet. Which is much nicer.

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Just discovered my work does summer Fridays starting in June, which is a small crumb of comfort for me as I hate work

What’s that?

Log off a couple hours early on Friday if you’ve done your work in time


Been at work since 7.30 and I’ve had enough now thank you.

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Realised I accidentally skipped breakfast as I was walking into the office urghhh

Second last office day of my notice here. More training to do, cba even though once it’s done I basically don’t have to do any more real work til I leave.

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making calls, look at sites, living the dream

cinema later - maybe buying new luggage before then ooh exciting ooh

Do you reckon if we sleep upside down it will confuse her and she’ll sleep down the other end?



Not much, rubats with you?

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Hello! It’s my birthday today :blush:

Might eat some cake in between working :cake:


Happy Birthday :partying_face::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:


Haven’t eaten since 2.30 yesterday. Hungry af now. Waiting to see the doctor, but its very busy today. Sorta hoping we get out today tbh. I miss fresh air.

Don’t really have space for a chair in the bedroom currently. She does often spend half the night downstairs or in the spare room but always come in for a snuggle and to purr a cm from my face, as loud as a freight train, at some point during the night and early morning.

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I am in That London. Things I saw on my train in:

A sweet lil black and white cat watching the trains come in at Etchingham station
A field with 50+ deer!!!
Lots of little pure black lambs
A little girl hugging a massive Squirtle plushie


What cake type

Is there nobody there you could tell you’re just quickly nipping to the canteen to grab a sandwich? Not good going that long without eating. Last thing you need.