Tuesday the 8th of June

Happy birthday, Bonnie Tyler!

Jumped in here this morning, it was Quite Cold.

Have you jumped in anything recently? If not, what are you up to this Tuesday?


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Greetings you lovely troops.

He fucking blinked, the bloody poser.

I had to rush outside this morning and make a tent out of a tarpaulin, Christmas wrapping string, a swingset and our raised deck to save recently primed outdoor IKEA furniture were upcycling.

What a life



I woke up this morning to discover I’d earned a popular link badge. Who knew that was even a thing?

Off to take some photos on medium format film at lunchtime, so I hope the weather bucks its ideas up a bit

Will be officially unemployed as of 5.30pm (for 5 days)



Congrats!! :balloon:

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:partying_face: , and I cannot stress this enough, :partying_face: Massive congratulations!


What’s the exit strategy? Supermarket sweep?

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We (admin team) might have some exciting news for you all fairly soon :nerd_face::innocent:


Got up at 7, got ready to go out for a run. Nice bright sunny morning and a cool breeze. Put my ABBA playlist on. Glorious. Got five minutes round, completely stacked it and hobbled home.

Good morning.

Either that or sneak out through the back door at lunchtime.

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Got a man coming to service my boiler in a minute, if you know what I mean

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Time for another round of “Should I take a day’s leave this week given how nice it is but maybe you should save it for something else but what are you saving it for when we can’t go anywhere and arrrrrgh”

Just heading into Cambridge (not to service @epimer’s boiler)

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Today’s bananart: if you look closely you can pinpoint the exact moment my sanity breaks. Riiiight there


Morning pals

My good friend Charlie entered a jingle competition for Vision Direct and he’s been shortlisted. He stands to win £10k if his jingle is selected. Part of the judging is based on YouTube likes, so if you could click on the video below and give it a wee thumbs up that would be a huge help and you can exchange it for one snog from me

Thanks I love you x


Nothing feels better than writing on a banana


I would specify a room temperature banana, we keep them in the fridge which means there’s surface condensation issues but it is still a joy

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You what?

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