Tuesday the 8th of June

You know I’ve reached my mid 30s and never written on a banana…

Go forth and change your life. Just a regular biro will do it. I don’t know why but it feels so god damn good

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How does Harry Potter get down a hill


JK, Rolling

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Just like cold bananas, it’s definitely controversial but I’m into it

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Feels like the sort of thing that might happen if you went on holiday to a temperate climate, and I welcome bringing these things back home so you get moments of feeling like you’re on holiday

kinda can’t move my arm and it hurts quite a bit :grimacing: it’ll be fine right? sure it’ll be fine and i definitely should leave it alone and everything will just be fine.

Do you want to scream a bit if you poke it with your good arm?

poking is fine, can’t really move it above a certain position though (no wanking jokes)

Bowl of RICE I guess.

N.B. not a doctor

I’d give it an hour, see if swelling or numbness develops, or if the pain changes. Not to be alarmist but when I broke my elbow that’s what it felt like. Keep testing your finger motion too, and if it concerns you get it seen. Hope it’s okay!


It is also Kanye’s birthday today

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Terrible hammock news: it’s been delivered by Yodel

lol ffs. k booked a callback from a nurse. goddamnit.

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Could just be a dislocation rather than a break

Separately, 10 years of my life were ruined by dislocations


I think that’s wise, just to be on the safe side. What @xylo said is also true, could be dislocated, but that’s still a good reason to call

something something


Is the forum becoming a NFT or are we all getting shares?

Let’s face it, it’s Tuesday any good news is the most welcomist on a Tuesday.

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Burnt a lot from the sun yesterday so I look like a big old tomato face. Going out in it again though because I don’t care

Please wear sunscreen, Bamnan!

Going for a walk in the park, listen to some music, then home to read in the communal garden (all whilst wearing factor 30 of course!)

Plantballs for dinner. Get in


Get some aftersun if you can. Feels goooood, and will help (and you don’t need to use loads so it’ll last a while)

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