Tuesday the early evening of


After a horrendous night last night with food poisoning I’m just about feeling human again.

Managed to have some chicken soup and a baguette earlier.

Also bought two bottles of lucozade which I’m about to neck some of.


Grabbed a few rays, going to miss post-work sun

Might have fish cakes for dinner?

More Poker Face is likely too

That’s Dr Mrs Epimer away out, so I’m going to have a massive Pizza Hut and watch the Dungeons & Dragons film, if you know what I mean


Ooh er

Evening all :wave:

Had a very intense meeting this afternoon but I think it went well. I had to tell a retired judge (politely) to wind their neck in, which was quite fun :blush:

Feel like I deserve a beer tonight but it’s Tuesday, and that’s not a beer night.


Au contraire!

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Evening all!

I spent the later part of the morning tidying the garden so I can barely lift my arms. I played some computer games in the afternoon and made a nearly-Nicoise salad for tea.

I’m doing bedtime tonight and I’ll probably watch some football afterwards.

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Pleased to hear you are on the mend, @tilty

Son’s first day at school went well, from what I can guess. (They really don’t tell you much, huh?)

Final portion of the barbecue chicken leftover from Sunday to eat for tea tonight. Wife says we need to photograph and video the bathroom for the builder to give us a quote for a new one. Should be excited but here we are.


What are you missing out in your nearly-Nicoise?

Just bought a pestle and mortar. Never had one before.

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Julius Caesar just got stabbed to death :frowning:

It’s a collection of similar but not quite right ingredients - boiled potatoes upgraded to roast potatoes/ salad leaves rather than lettuce/ added some broccoli and carrots because I need vegetables/ green olives because we didn’t have black.

I feel like Michel Roux would be very angry if I tried to tell you it was a Nicoise but it isn’t far away.

“Live Laugh Love will probably fit over your bathtub.”


Evening pop kids

I’m off to the pub in a bit. Thankfully I’m not in the office tomorrow


Alright. Had a really nice day at a behaviour change and community engagement workshop. Traffic on the way home was a pig.

Chilli for tea, might have a nap afterwards

Not been in a football thread in about 2 weeks, quite proud of myself



Bought one about 2 years ago and have never used it. Just a kitchen ornament innit

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Homemade pesto is very fun

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Alright? Went the DST after work then made pork chow mein and now I’m tired. Giving serious thought to hanging up the ol’ posting boots if I’m honest.