Tuesday, the evening, here's a thread for it.

Alright? Absolutely done in after a long day of manual labour. Got chicken burgers for tea (trying out a new variety of oven chips - what a gamble) and maybe a beer followed by an early night. Wbu?

Which oven chips?

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Could go either way.

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I’m thinking of buying a mini air fryer.

Any chips experts? Are they the best and quickest way to do oven chips.

Oven chips in an oven take 25 minutes. I think Aunt Bessie’s oven chips were pretty good. Not sure what the gold standard for oven chips are.

My mum is cooking beef burgers (sorry veggie & vegan disers and all the lovely cows) and it smells sooooooo good

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I have to thank @rich-t for the brilliant list of things and places to visit at Winchester. I’m there now.

Had probably the best Tacos I’ve had and some tortillas at Overdraft. I’ll just spend the evening getting wasted at a few pubs and have a walk planned for tomorrow.



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Cheers. At most big supermarkets?

I do virtually all my shopping at Tesco Express’ etc. Never get to see what the other side have as options.

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If I wasn’t home alone with the kids tonight, I’d have suggested joining you. Hope you’ve had a good day and the beers are good

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Yeah I think you can get them in most places.

A pretty good day.

Went to the cathedral and The Great Hall. Food and a beer at Overdraft. I walked over to The Queen’s Inn and had a warm ale of some sort, which was pretty good, and now outside at The Eclipse Inn having an Amstel. The Amstel tastes good as I haven’t had one in a year.

I’ll go back to the hotel (Travelodge, luxury all the way for me) for a cup of tea and some crisps and probably whatever 80s TV show is on ITV4 and then back out for more drinks.


That’s a hell of a day

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I’ll try Josie’s for breakfast from the your list tomorrow.

Those pancakes look amazing.



Forgot that there aren’t any mods anymore.

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Jacket potato with beans and cheese for dinner.

After I’ve put Jimbo to bed I’m picking up a bike rack then going to the Argyle Arms (formerly known as the Engineer (formerly known as the Argyle Arms))


think i should probably take a holiday soon. realized today i’ve been non stop working apart from weekends since the beginning of September last year. the shitty thing about being self employed :frowning:


body too similar to what you already posted, apparently

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Had Koka noodles and frozen veg cos I couldn’t be arsed making anything more elaborate.