Tuesday: The Evening

hullo, got plans?

for me:

  • burgers (shout out to the linda mc massive)
  • masterchef
  • early night maybe (for a change)

N.B. there is NO rick stein tonight. i repeat, NO RICK STEIN. not in work until 12 tomorrow so could stay up and do something but there’s not really owt to do, is there?

gonna play some FFVII

gonna have a bath

My life is the absolute best

But is it the mozarella quarter pounder ones? That’s where it’s at.


going out to say goodbye to more people. semi CBA.


Hello :slight_smile: :wave:

Been to the gym, eaten some cheesecake

Gonna watch TV and play computer games :+1:


hell yes it is!

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Good man! They’re my summer bbq staple.

ever say mozzarelle when you’re referring to mozzarella?

  • Yes
  • No

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Still at work, gonna hit the gym in a bit. Then go home and sleep the sleep of a man with aching arms and an early start tomorrow.

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Been home for half an hour. Working on a record sleeve design for a friend’s band while drinking and IPA. Then the other half will come home and cook my dinner. After that, we’ll scroll through Netflix trying to figure out what series to move on to and finding it hard to agree until we give up and choose a crap movie.

In the pub ready to defend our second place quiz crown

Was supposed to be going on a hot date*
But has been postponed (which is better than before because thought they had cancelled) and couldn’t really be bothered anyway.


Awkward first date

Just half arsedly cleaned the bathroom.

Almost bought some fry’s veggie burgers on the way home but didn’t. Don’t like those L.mac ones. Flatmate is back from London this eve so maybe go out as indian as 25% off on a Tuesday.

Need to sort out my revision material and plan for the next 6 days.

Just saw an advert for those animated emojis
Don’t have a smartphone myself but if we can upload ourselves saying well known dis phrases that’ll be top

such bullshit

What is this RS show you’re all bleating on about? I don’t really like him so will I like it?

Just in the middle of my uni lecture and eating some really bad ready meal nonsense.

STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT MY ESSAY IS ABOUT AND THE TUTORIAL IS TOMORROW. So…going to watch more Lady Dynamite later and knit.

what are you knitting atm?!

Almost had an argument with someone today who was calling a place a nightclub which is clearly a bar.

It opens at noon. FFS


it’s just him being a wally and not enjoying any of the world foods he eats and then butchering it at home in padstow. it’s quite something to behold but i probably wouldn’t watch it if it didn’t come on straight after masterchef.