Tuesday: The Eveninging

Hi everyone. I’m officially on holiday for 9 days and I’m very fucking happy about it after the longest and most stressful 3 months of my working life. Got homemade Big Macs and some ciders on the go to celebrate. What about you though?


Happy holidays.

Bairn had a nap this afternoon and is just up so hopefully that doesn’t bugger up his going to bed time cause I am a bit knacked.

Plans for the evening. Might have a wee think about some work stuff. When that big brother thing is on later I’ll maybe fit in some Vidya.

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Evening! Hope you have a great, and well deserved, break.

Going to watch Wales beat Russia again in Euro 2016.

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Happy holidays funky. What are you going to do with your time off?

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Not a huge amount. Some stuff around the house, might go for some picnics, and Mrs F’s birthday is on Sunday so a grand BBQ and drinking festival for that. Just be nice to get out of bed later than 7.35am.


Just made some bang average courgette, green bean and tomato spaghetti.

Making a midweek lasagne which feels ambitious, but actually seem to be on schedule so far

Buffy and beer and maybe brownie after for the alliteration hat trick

Had an odd altercation on a little walk there.
Boomer woman comes storming into the park with 2 full recycling bags as I was leaving, spots a recycling van down the road, drops them and starts doing the Hitler salute and repeatedly going ‘HEIL HITLER!’ at the top of her voice. I didn’t know what the fuck to do, I just went ‘stop being so bloody stupid’ at which point she shouted at me IT’S THE COUNCIL. Just kept going obviously but I figured out she must’ve been too late or something and has decided to dump her recycling in the park.
This is why we can’t have nice things.


move to wales, they said.


Evening all :wave:

Happy holidays, Funkhouser, you really do deserve a break :slight_smile:


Honestly if I get the rona off her hitler invoking mug I wont be held accountable for my actions


206 people have voted in The Killers’ HGATR. In the year 2020. Insane.

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I’ve been better, tbh - just having a bit of a crappy time mentally and with work etc. Sorry for being a grouchbag, everyone. On the plus side, there’s some spectacular rain coming down at the moment. I love being inside when it’s pouring down outside.

Shhh. We love you, you big lug.


Was gonna go for a walk but it started raining so gonna play the ol keyboard instead

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Rolled up my living room rug and brought down the landing rug. Landing rug’s too small. Living room rug’s too big

happy time off funky! well deserved

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I’m having takeaway table pizza. Can’t bloody wait m9


had an upset stomach and felt absolutely exhausted the past two days.

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not really eaten all day apart from some strawberries. might have some sorbet in a bit.

I’m helping 'er indoors cut her hair. Nobody tell her about the bit at the back that I bollocksed up. Be cool.