Tuesday: The Eveningning

Hi there! Mainly just starting this to show off my lobster-based dinner! How’s it going and that?


Never mind the lobster, it’s those chips I’m after.

Off to a secret movie preview.

Cineworld don’t even give out clues so I’ve no idea what it is, but on the positive side Yesterday is already out, so it won’t be that.


Coincidentally the names of my testicles.


Using up the ends of some bags innit.

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Yeah that’s not right.

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Rejected Paddy McGuinness script from Take Me Out?

But enough about Epimer’s balls already


Plus they usually give you free sweets

Best one turned out to be Molly’s Game where I got a large bar of galaxy caramel

Meaty, not overly fishy, more like chicken in consistency.

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Hey all. That lobster looks fit.

I’m tired and snuffly. Nights like tonight I kinda wish I had someone to cuddle and make me a nice cup of ginger tea. /endwhine

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Worth a try.

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The tv’s off to 'murca tomorrow so we’re getting bibimbap in for tea. The colleague i’ll basically be spending every day of the next 4 weeks with is basically a complete weirdo, two days in and i already cant stand them. passive aggressive weirdo GO AWAY. Hope i’ve got a beer left in the fridge tbqph.

Hi Funky and friends,

Been in a bit of a weird, grumpy mood all day but my oldest ATD (who lives in my hometown and I don’t get to see very often) called out of the blue this evening for a chat and to ask if he could pop up here and meet us for lunch on Sunday so that’s cheered me up quite a bit :blush:

Making a special dinner for our third anniversary. One posh bottle of prosecco down.
Time for bruschetta soon.

Just about to treat ourselves to Carly Rae Jepsons SECOND SEMINAL album, Dedicated while we booze in the erm, clouded over garden.

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening x


Had a jacket potato.

Two days into activity week and I am so sick.of sportswear. Trainers making my feet hot, no lovely dress options, so many man made fabrics. Urgh.

Got one of these coming tomorrow.


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i’ve got this exact trimmer. delighted with the results.

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Made gluten free quesadillas for dinner. Turned out pretty well I must say, though we had no beans.

Planning to do fuck all now though. May work on some art.