Tuesday the first of November (pinch punch, white rabbits etc)



Had beans on toast for breakfast
Not sure about this business news guy on BBC who isn’t steph :confused:
Going to watch man city v Barca later
Work before
How are you?


Happy All Saints day!

right, that’s me for til the evening.


I don’t wanna go to work.

Nearly pulled a sickie but I’ve got my clothes on now.




If ‘people’ are deciding the future of your job etc now would be a good time to go to work wouldn’t it…?


Who is this? (I don’t watch the radio etc)



So glad he’s back!


Hah. Doubt that would make a difference tbh. We’re not finding out what’s happening until next week anyway.

I’ve not even had a day off sick this year.

goes to work


Just discovered this, sums up my attitude to work somedays ;




morning all.

staying at my mums for the next few days, so taking advantage of all the good shit on offer. washed my hair with some aussie shampoo shit, then conditioned my hair with some aussie shit. made use of scrubs and other stuff too. feel like a million bucks

had a cake for breakfast

starting new jazz job this morning. should be a loose induction, which will hopefully incorporate smoking tabs, drinking hot chocolate (off the coffee ain’t I) and unlimited cakes


have a good day all


Bed is nice


Bit early for trolling, pal.


I wish, I just got up


picked up a fresh badge overnight - crazy in love

turns out I’ve been waaaaaay to generous with my likes. can’t see anyone else having this badge, 'cept my main man @1101010


Don’t see it man, sorry.


At least you picked their good track.


tight cunt!

massive safetywi(a)nk


Went to see josh t pearson last night, he did a full set of comedy songs, guess he is just happy now. Today I have an all day training thing, always seems like a nice break but really it is a day with less opportunity for Internet usage