Tuesday the Fourth of February Eveningtime

Hello! Everyone had a nice or at least tolerable day?
It’s my Friday night :tada: but doing a weigh-in with Mrs F tomorrow so off the beers tonight. Making a crispy quorn katsu and chips thing which’ll be nice anyway. I’m so very tired pals. Now you!

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Just made brief and awkward conversation with someone on the train. Later this evening I’m going to be eating pizza.



There’s always some gross cunt on the bus whose breath you can smell.

Feeling fucking lousy so just made a batch of my hot toddy mix.
Supposed to be flying down to London in the morn, hmmm if I don’t feel better I’ll be giving that a bye

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No, not really.

Just made an Aloo Gobi from Atul Kochhar’s ‘30 Minute Curries’. It took me an hour and a half, obviously.

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Hospital day?

Unusually nowadays - no.

Just had a bit of a grump on all day, juggling iffy health and unreasonable clients.

I’ve just had some chocolate fudge cake though. It’s taken the edge off.


Yeah that’ll do it.

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whaddup. had a productive day so feeling quite good.

going to make a nice tomatoey orzo thing and some big garlicy stuffed mushrooms.

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Hi everyone. Ive got that ‘it’s not even halfway through the week yet but I’m exhausted kinda feeling’.


Alright chums. Wife is late in tonight. Parent’s evening. Gonna do mushroom stroganoff when she gets in. Got some beer from a local brewery to drink tonight. Off tomorrow. Bedtime done, sitting down with Netflix now

Someone vote in this and get it off a Nelson would you

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Went to IKEA and bought: 3 plants, 2 tea towels, 2 lamps, 1 potato scrubbing brush, 1 soap dish, 1 slice of apple pie and 1 coffee. Decent.

Played a bit of The Last of Us this afternoon too. Very decent.

Back to work tomorrow. Undecent

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I’m making cheesy chips with mozzarella and cheddar

Only have one beer and I’ve just opened it, but I don’t think I’ve got a walk to the shop in me


Finally going to watch Paddington 2 tonight. That’s it really.


Evenin’ fellow kids.

Defrosting squash chilli for dinner tonight. Proper knackered so will probably just slump in front of Mind Hunter and/or Bojack.

I know someone who bought one of those at a festival many years ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use one since that festival.


This Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix is well dece


Had lunch with Ma in the nearby Danish bakery, including a banging apple pastry & vegan brownie.

New person has moved into the floor beneath me, they smoke so obviously I’ve convinced myself it’s inevitable they will burn us all to death because I’m a big ol’ hypocrite and since we’re all just thieves in a world that don’t want us no more.

Also made myself really fucking sad all day today because of that existentialist dread thread, serves me right but fucking hellllllllllll


I like using the old exercising bike while i watch tv. If you’ve got space, it’s a good way to get exercise out of the way.

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