Tuesday the Fourth of February Eveningtime

This Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix is well dece


I’ve just been googling home exercise stuff as my smart scales reckon I’m 44 years old, seemed like the most convenient option

Had lunch with Ma in the nearby Danish bakery, including a banging apple pastry & vegan brownie.

New person has moved into the floor beneath me, they smoke so obviously I’ve convinced myself it’s inevitable they will burn us all to death because I’m a big ol’ hypocrite and since we’re all just thieves in a world that don’t want us no more.

Also made myself really fucking sad all day today because of that existentialist dread thread, serves me right but fucking hellllllllllll


I like using the old exercising bike while i watch tv. If you’ve got space, it’s a good way to get exercise out of the way.

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Evening all!

My toilet is leaking and the plumber doesn’t really know what’s causing it.

My mortgage advisor keeps ringing me to talk in his friendly professional way about his mortgage quote options. Both of them are higher than ones we can get through our current lender and I can’t be bothered with him trying to hard sell.

Newcastle are on the TV tonight so I might have a NA beer while I play a class on the last chapter of Jekyll & Hyde.

Had pesto pasta for tea which is an underrated great meal.

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Might be a slippery slope to a real bike

that’s definitely a risk that you need to consider. I’ve been happily avoiding a real bike for a few years, but was just this very morning again discussing one, and your post has reminded me to check Decathlon for prices…

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Sorry, that was a like for the hot toddy not the feeling lousy.

Made your hot toddy again and it was OOFFFTTT. Strong. In a GOOD away. Hot toddy king.

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Watching that Picard. Learning that Jimi Hendrix song. Saying that that a lot.

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Cracked open the Murder She Wrote boxset.


I just tripped over and trod on the eldest’s table football and broke it :frowning:

Been gym. Think I have a chesty cough beginning. Going to make some sesame coated burgers with ‘spicy Asian slaw’ and chips. Photos pending. Would quite like some chocolate.


You and me both.

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Love the murder she wrote font

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Ladies and gentlemen we’ve reached peak DiS.

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Trying not to snack but just found a half-finished bag of snyders

they are now finished



Hello everyone!

We’ve had a little bit of snow in the past 24hrs, which feels long overdue. Apparently this was the first January on record with no snow in Oslo :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Had a meeting with my feminist film festival earlier this afternoon/evening and now I’m transcribing an interview which as some of you will have picked up on, is some of the most boring work I know – even though the conversation we had was super interesting and etc.

I’m going to TWO feminist film festivals in Sweden this month, it was just decided today! One in Malmö next week and then Stockholm at the end of the month. Hello @BodyInTheThames!


It’s gonna take more than excellent hot toddy’s to fix me tonight.
I’ve definitely got a bug :nauseated_face::face_with_thermometer: