Tuesday the third of September

Morning team! It’s my Friday today so all is well. Got big plans for my days off to wait in for the washing machine repair people so that’ll be exciting. What you got goin’ on today then?


Hey man. I’m off tomorrow too. An hour deep into work already. Busy day ahead

I cut myself shaving because in the middle of it my stupid brain said “imagine an Irish GWAR tribute act called G’WAN” and I laughed.


Early finish at least?


Too many potential small plans today it is hurting my head trying to choose. Wishing I had gone to bed earlier.

Hope everyone has good, or at least passable, days.

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Half two/three probably

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Not so bad I guess.

Get to play with the kiddo I suppose. Might take her to the park


I’ve today booked off because I fucking need a day to leave my brain rest. Going to catch up on new albums and drink tea.


Actually just going to listen to the Neptunes all day.


Going to work, in my dungas because I can.

Have top days y’all


said I would do gardening today, regretting it now

So weird when Funkhouser says it’s his Friday and you’re like wtf you said it was your Monday like yesterday? But then you work out the days and it adds up

Drinking a large cup of coffee and watching a double episode of seinfeld. Shaping up to be a big day.

Friday is my Monday.

Hey funky at el

I’m doing some riveting SEO auditing of my website today, and writing a newsletter even though I have no subscribers yet. Also need to do a charity ahop run at some point. My neighbour’s coming over for chai after lunch to help break up the monotony

Woke up here, going to take the baby for a wander round the fjord then sit in the Aegir brewpub for a couple of hours. Think I’m going to move to Norway when the UK collapses.


I think my kimchi has some fermentation bubbles :heart_eyes:

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See a doctor.

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Just went to weigh 15g of peanut butter and got it bang on first time.

Was barely anything for my toast :((