Tuesday; The Thread!

Alright? Still exhausted and achey and had enough of work and this summer but TFIFF :partying_face:

What, though, about you?!?


Morning Funky. A mixed day so far. Up early enough to catch sunrise

on my way to the supermarket, but the cafe was shut so no bacon sandwich for breakfast. If that’s the biggest frustration of my day, I’ll be happy. No plans for later apart from more essays by George Orwell and - possibly - cooking a huge pot of pasta sauce.


The friends who are renting our flat in London are having to move out so hopefully we can find someone. Stress. We are still in complete limbo about whether or not to stay out here and Covid hasn’t made things any easier: seems ridiculous to be stuck here when we’ve barely seen anyone all year, particularly most of the family we’re living out here to see! But even if we moved back it would take a year and stuff.

(If anyone is looking for somewhere and wants to rent a zone 2 flat with one double and two single bedrooms then hit me up.)

Meanwhile I did my run today and was SOOOOO SLOOOOOW. Both my knees were aching as I started and I just never really got going. Feel healthy enough though. My daughter is into basketball right now. So I rigged something up with a dirty washing hamper and my mic stand:


Could have at least given it a wash first HAHAHA

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Morning! Sat having a coffee and brushing my hair. Was half asleep in the shower and not sure what I used to wash my hair with. Think it went conditioner then shampoo by accident but it smells different so could’ve been some body wash in there at some stage??
Who knows.

Morning troops!

Finally got my old car moved from the old place so now my ties with that old landlord are basically finished! Woop woop.

Also got a weighted blanket so slept like a fucking dog. Incredible. For the first time in months, nay years, I feel rested and relaxed. Very good stuff.

Now I await what shit the world will throw at me today. Never get a moments rest these days.

Today I’ve got some work to be getting on with and setting up my home office. Going to be doing that on company time, obvs


Ay up.

I woke up feeling pretty okay which is a nice feeling. I was productive yesterday, trying to pull myself out of this slump. Listening to Portishead and wondering what the hell to make for breakfast as I ate the last of the eggs yesterday.

Morning!! Have got low sugar granola as part of my new healthy regime and I have to say it is not nice.

Other than that it’s no plan Tuesday. Possible bike ride.

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Morning all.

I should get out of bed. I’m hungry.
Could someone pop round and cook breakfast please?

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Dishwasher’s broken so just ordered a new one. Going to be 8 days without one… at least we’ll have a cutlery tray at long last.

Thoughts and prayers during this difficult manual washing time.


It’s all good, found an egg.

My wife’s maternity ends today as well so the kids are off to the childminders so at least it will be reduced washing.

Ah man, hope you’re ok rich. X


You’ll move to Devon and we’ll start a beer shop. There, that’s that sorted.


Terrible anxiety, don’t want to get out of bed

I’m already going through a consultation for redundancy, so this is layered on top. :+1:

Made a couple bacon brioches, cafetierrre, little glasses of fizzy water. Mrs now happily munching away while I get my Important Freelance Projects going on before work