Tuesday: The Thread

Alright? Got a pretty textbook day at work ahead, just ticking off the minutes until my week off. What’s going on with you today? Anything? Anything at all?

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Went to bed at 1.30, got up at 6.30. zzzz. On the late today, so will be off out for a walk and do some bird watching off sorts.

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Morning funky.

Got a cold which hardly seems fair so soon after covid.

Meant to be back in the office with everyone today, going to try and get away with another day from home though.

Would like a nap at lunch time :sleeping:

Been awake since 4am. Definitely going to the corner shop for a can of Monster :cold_sweat:

Today I may actually burn the mixtapes I’ve been working on for 2 years for a friend who I fancy (seeing him in a few weeks). It’ll be 3 CDs - I’m happy with the one with all male vocals, totally rejigged the all female vocal one yesterday which I thought I was happy with but then the back half really dragged and needed livening up, need to sense check it but otherwise it’s all good. And need to check if I’m happy with the third one which has been a pain to sort as it has slower/longer songs towards the end. I’ve had to cut a few so it doesn’t die a death for the last half hour.

Been awake since 5am. Good job the book I’m reading is good.

Work, innit.

Morning :wave:

I’m in the office this morning :frowning: I have a meeting that I couldn’t do remotely, plus a bunch that I could. So far I have meetings at 8.30, 9.30, 10, 1.30, 3 and 4. Sod this.

In better news it’s the :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face:

:sunny: :crescent_moon: daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 08:06 16:06 08:00:36 +2:09
London 08:02 16:14 08:12:20 +2:02
Manchester 08:20 16:13 07:53:26 +2:14
Glasgow 08:41 16:08 07:27:16 +2:32
Salcombe 08:11 16:34 08:23:31 +1:55

King’s Lynn is smashing the 8 hour mark for total daylight :partying_face:


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Crikey. And I was feeling sorry for myself with my 5 meetings today. Good luck

Cleaning the washing machine. About as exciting as my day will be.

Anyone else blown the fuses in their house yet this morning? Just me?

I think it’s the toaster. It’s full of crumbs and trying to shake them out isn’t getting all of them. At about ten years old it’s had a good life

Morning all!

Today has been a moderate success already because I got The Child dressed and out of the house without any tantrums.

I have what should be an easy day at work but will probably become much more difficult once it starts. I’ve got somewhere between 1-3 students finishing assessments this morning and somewhere between 3-24 students submitting work this afternoon.


Spent the last half an hour sanding down the bits of filler I stuck in the bathroom walls last night. About to jump in the shower as I’m now covered in dust (and probably have lungs full of the stuff). Horrible job.

Father in law is coming round to paint it in a bit, so I’m going to take the dog out for a long walk.

My new mobile telephone has been delivered this morning, so I’ll get round to setting that up at some stage.

Woke up with a (relatively mild) migraine at about half five, so I was asleep during the aura which meant I couldn’t catch it with painkillers. Head hurts when I cough.

Have you heard they love longer with calgon

Can confirm.

Also been awake since very early o’clock. Cat slept between my feet → woke up with a headache → started needing the loo → cat got up and shouted for attention. All of my favourite events in one morning!

Back in the office today. The Sainsburys near here still has discounted Christmas puddings - 30p for a small one, 87p for a big one. Any takers?

Fill your freezer with small ones please.

Viagra for appliances

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Morning. Got loads of meetings. Christmas feels a long time ago.

Had a bit of a grim day yesterday. (CW: terminal illness) The wife of a guy in my team (I’m his manager) who was getting chemo for cancer called me yesterday to say he’s been given days or at best, weeks to live. He’s only 54. It has knocked me for six to be honest. Poor guy. Poor family

morning everyone. been a rough couple of weeks MH healthwise in the house, loads of random things going on. I’ve interupted my very good sleep pattern by playing video games with friends late, nearing to 11.30pm, some nights - it’s been good to connect woth them but it’s not quite that good for my sleep and my general mood.

so today i’ve got a bit of work here and there to be getting on with, a walk, a return to a Hermes drop off, and need to sort out some food. we’ve been running the house on grocery level = 30% for basically three weeks, and popping to the local shop is costing serious coin we shouldn’t be spending. need four good meals, so that’s a priority.